Snow Globe

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This afternoon, I was carrying a vegetable steamer and a popcorn popper downstairs to donate to the Vietnam Veterans of America (because I am a fucking awesome philanthropist and I cannot think of anything Vietnam vets need more than a vegetable steamer and a popcorn popper– it had nothing to do with the fact that I have used them both a total of 2 times, and both those times were to see if I could actually make hotdogs in them). Suddenly, the popcorn popper lept from my arms and kamikaze’d into my landmarks-of-my-alma-mater snow globe.

After I cursed and swore I would never attempt to be philanthropic again, and vacuumed up the mess of broken glass, stale stink-water, and glitter, I took the busted globe downstairs.

busted snow globe

And I sang the fight song. Slowly. Contemplatively.

It wasn’t a total loss. I managed to save the bell tower.

UNC bell tower

I went for the Old Well, too, but then I cut my finger and decided that was enough of that, and tossed the whole damn thing in my movie theater popcorn bucket from last night and threw my shattered memories in the dumpster.

flipping the bird

Here’s the finger I injured. What?

But, Pinterest to the rescue, as always.

ModCloth snow globe demo

Inspired by Modcloth’s cute little hipster puppy snow globe, I took up my lonely bell tower and assembled my ingredients.

Why yes, I do have Monty Python’s holy grail in my kitchen. Also, I didn’t have glitter so I decided that red pepper flakes would be nice because they’d look like fall leaves blowing around. Here’s how that went:

Krazy glue doesn’t stick to plastic lids and the undersides of bell towers, apparently. Packing tape does, though.

Ah, see the lovely fall colors in the clear… uh…. brown air.

Well, whatever. I tried.

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  • Joanna

    Loved this. I am giggling at work. Wish I could join your Pintester staff instead of teaching these little turds today…

    • Pintester

      Baha– so far my staff is me and my iPhone camera, but I’ll keep you posted. ;)

  • Alex

    OMG finding out that you are a tar heel just made this site 10 times better…and it was already pretty damn awesome so keep up the good work!

    • Pintester

      Rah rah Carolina-lina. ;) Thanks!

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  • M.A.

    Pepper Flakes!

    A friend of mine tried this to make as a Christmas gift. She used a fake little conifer tree and a photo of my kids. The water turned greenish blue from the tree and all the sparkles stuck to my kids’ adorable little faces. It stayed on the floor of her car for a little while because she wouldn’t let me bring it home.

  • p–

    this is amazing.

    p.s. for christmas, i did the anthropologie snow globes for about 1/10 the price of theirs but only 1/100 the awesomeness of yours.

  • JT

    This is too funny. I found your blog on Pinterest & it is by far the best thing I have found on the site. I love that you used pepper flakes. I am now a huge fan.

  • Carla

    where did you get the Holy Grail??!? p.s. – love the blog! =)

  • Cait

    Haha. I’m so glad some one tries these crafts before me! Haha. You are hilarious! Even if you are a Tar Heel. (:

  • Tashina

    Literally crying from laughter… Red pepper flakes, ridiculously awesome. They truly make everything better.

    • TaraLynnRichardson

       @Tashina OMG I am glad to know I’m not the only one crying from laughing so hard!!! :-D

  • lisbonlioness

    I SEE THE RED MIST, I NEED TO KILLKILLKILL! Okay, better lay off the booze before commenting on my favourite blogs…

  • RLou

    Every single post has been hilarious.  I love that you have the balls to say all these things, and post pictures doing them.  Really awesome!

  • rls

    Did this project with my Sunday School kids using little green trees and laminated pieces of paper. Everything fell apart and the glitter just clumped. Blog is hilarious- love it!

  • Amy Q

    OMG. You are SO funny. I can’t stop laughing!
    I feel like I should stop reading these tonight so that I’ll have some saved up for later.  You’re my new hero. :)

  • karaklev

    Hilarious… and so true to the validity of most pinterest postings

  • Valleygurlie916

    OMG…you are killing me. I have read all of your blogs and you are officially my new favorite person on the planet. I have been laughing for almost an hour straight. 

  • aspringofjoy

    Oh my gosh, when you put the red pepper stuff in the water I’m like, “Oh no she did not!” and just lost it when I saw that it turned the water red! Oh wow. That is great. You just made my year.

  • JessicaLynne

    Ok. So I am a Pintester also. Only difference is I usually test them with a friend, alcohol an a little herb for inspiration….Also usually our attemps come out awesome! I’ve done the snow globes, made our own pinatas, alcohol cupcakes from scratch, painted furniture and the list goes on…You are hysterical but wow, epic fail after epic fail! LMAO!

  • Gabby

    I am in fucking tears!

  • Alyssa

    I actually did try this when I saw it on Modcloth, it didn’t work too well. =[

  • Maddie

    Funny, I love your posts! But I did these when I was little (like, preschool, so I think even you could manage ;) ) and they totally work if you use the right kind of jar (baby food jar).

  • GraveDancer40

    Hahahaha, hilarious!! I made these so much when I was little…they work if you use the right things…but are never quite as pretty.

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  • LynneMcLaren

    Sometimes I think you do these in a  way GUARANTEED to have them fail, just so you can post the failures. But it’s entertaining as hell. Carry on.

  • Emilydse14

    Red pepper flakes! Lmao!

  • TamaraOlliver

    On the other hand, if I ever wanted to make a post-apocalyptic snow-globe, I now know what to do…

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