Tin Foil Grease Bowl

0 Posted by - February 17, 2012 - DIY & Crafts, Food & Drink

This one’s just a quickie. The basic idea is this:

If you have nowhere to put your grease when you’re done cooking your ground beef or whatevs, you stick some tin foil in a bowl, pour in your grease, wait for it to cool, then wad the whole thing up and chuck it in the trash. Simple enough. Unless you are me. Apparently, my foil didn’t catch it all.

I’m calling this one a foil fail.


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  • http://tiffertoes-thecrazycatlady.blogspot.com Tiffany

    Drat! foiled again!

    • Pintester

      Well played, madam. Well played.

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  • morgan

    I would have to disagree on this one because I have also tried this idea with success. I use it all the time :0D

    • http://www.facebook.com/lundberg612 Jess Lundberg

      I do it all the time, too. You have to be careful of how you put the foil in, make sure there are no holes.

  • Shelley Sellars

    I use this all the time now.. it works! Use a bigger piece of foil!

  • kapu

    i just did this yesterday after cooking bacon. one of the best ideas every. it worked for me but of course you need to make sure there are no holes. dah!

  • Liz

    This totally happened to me too.

  • http://pinterest.com/Mommer9/ Mommer

    I too, have used this trick before. There was a learning curve, however – I still have several plastic salad bowls with creases melted into the bottoms: Grease is hot. Plastic melts from heat, even thru aluminum foil.

    • sadie

      I do this all the time – have for years. You must have had a hole in the foil!

  • becky06

    Hmm this has worked for me for years! 

  • CelenaFeilteauUlutas

    Even easier – Take an empty soda can and cut top off with a cap opener. Toss when gelatnois-y, sorta solid..

    • TaraLynnRichardson

       @CelenaFeilteauUlutas I live in Michigan, and that would be a waste of 10 cents! lol

      • SchoolMarm

         @TaraLynnRichardson I live in Michigan, too.  I am shocked every time I here about someone “wasting” a ‘pop’ can (we don’t call it ‘soda’ here), then I remember not everyone is as cool as us and get to return their pop cans!

  • T

    this actually worked for me


    I have done this a few times, my only problem is that it never turned hard

    • Helly

       @KRYSTINA_V Stick it in the fridge, that’ll harden it!

    • Alison

       @KRYSTINA_V that’s what she said!
      sorry had to do it

  • MartiD

    I use an empty can (Campbell’s or anything of that type) and then just let harden and throw away

  • AdriannaHolbrook

    Mine always worked, no matter what bowl it was in. I used Reynolds Wrap.

  • SchoolMarm

    I have a can that I bought that has a special screen to filter food bits out.  I use it for bacon grease that I can reuse for frying and cooking.  Mmmmm……bacon grease.

  • TameraLynnDion

    Def a foil fail, this one works wonders for me!

  • DebbieSomersJohnson

    i have done this for yrs and never had a problem

  • Alyssa

    I always have this problem when I use foil  to line a pan while baking. Somehow, the grease finds a way onto the pan and makes a huge mess I have to clean. 

  • CeanaHope

    It is a foil fail.  I use this all the time at home without issues.  smaller bowl bigger piece of foil so it touches the bottom of the bowl perhaps?

  • jsburrell

    I tried this the other day and it worked perfectly.

  • Flibble

    erm… cheap-ass foil which is basically plastic coated with a thin layer of metal?

  • Marchel

    I just cut the top off of a can (turn your can-opener sideways to use pop / beer cans). Just don’t cut yourself.

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t it be easier to pour it in a cup and scoop it out later anyways? That’s what I do. Saves tinfoil :D

  • Lainey

    It always works for me

  • Amber

    The serious comments on here crack me up. You know like the ones with tips and advice and stuff hahahahaha. OMG I can’t stop reading your blog.