The Simple Gibson Tuck

0 Posted by - March 7, 2012 - Hair & Beauty

Sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Sorry to disappoint you, but a Gibson tuck is a hair maneuver, not anything super interesting. (This isn’t that kind of blog.)

I’ve been growing my hair out and working on an updo here and there, and I thought this one might be easy enough to attempt, especially since our hair protagonist claims that it works with shorter hair.

Well, I’m not sure if it’s that my hair is too short, too brown, or that I am somehow lacking in updo talent, but I am seriously not as cute.

Also, anyone who tells you that horizontal stripes do not make you look fat is either lying or not fat. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My recommendation? Don’t try this one until you have more hair than me. And possibly a more flattering sweater.

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  • robena grant

    It is a gorgeous hairdo. But if you look, the model’s wispy tendril is longer. So a couple more months of growth and yours will be just as grand. When I was younger and growing my hair out, I loved to do a short French braid. Everyone always complimented me on it and it looked so well groomed for work, even when it was almost ready for a shampoo. : 0

  • Molly

    I tried this hair style several times according to this tutorial before finally googling it to look for other tutorials and found one that was much more helpful (this one – it was all about the direction you pulled pony tail holder – you have to pull it upward, not straight out or down.

  • Sarah

    I actually tried this ‘do yesterday. My hair is either too thick or it’s still a bit too short (it’s just a smidge past my shoulders). I really, really, really wanted it to work, but it did not. I had about 8 bobby pins in my hair and I probably could have used more, but they were stabbing my head. My hair just did not want to stay and was slowly coming undone. Fail.

  • p–

    i’ve been trying to do this style for years, but my hair has the ability to propel bobby pins across the room.

    • thatpandabitca

      you made me snort my soda thanks. :P

  • Mostly Flummoxed

    This one did work for me but would’ve worked better with that lovely shade of red hair.

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