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1 Posted by - June 20, 2012 - Announcements

Because inquiring minds want to know…

Do you think I drop the f-bomb too much on Pintester?

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  • Alana

    Everything is funnier with fuck in it. <–FACT.

    • Pintester

      This is the assumption upon which I was operating, Alana. :)

      • Sara Benitez

        I think it keeps all the ‘I take myself too seriously’ people out of the equation, or soon you’d have critiques and advice on how you could maybe make a better no sew pillow cover w/ your swim suit cover up. I suppose unless that’s what you’re going for…

    • http://thimblekiss.etsy.com Katie

      A fucking men.

    • Katie

      100% trye

      • Katie

        And by trye I mean true…

  • http://www.edesiasnotebook.com Lesa @Edesia’s Notebook

    The F-word in your posts doesn’t bother me personally, but it has kept me from sharing your site with my friends on FB. I love your blog and would love to share it with everybody, but I’m a pastor’s wife and can’t be sharing things with bad language. :( Either way, keep up the hilarious work!

    • Nikki

      I’m in the same boat Lesa!

    • Therealstephhull

      I am in exactly the same position. It doesn’t bother me at all, and I have been know to let a few fly myself. (I had the mouth of a sailor long before I had a husband who decided to be a pastor and old habits are hard to break.) 

  • Steph

    The whole reason I clicked on your blog was because you had the word “fuck” in your tag line. Don’t change it

  • http://urthalun.com lunarmom

    There are simply comedic (and life) occasions when you fucking NEED that word. No other will suffice.

    But then, I’ve never been accused of being a classy broad.
    So, take my opinion for what it’s worth. :P

  • E

    if it ain’t broke, don’t fucking fix it :)

  • Lauren

    Fuck is like an adjective for an adjective. ex: “That’s Fucking Fabulous!” Now that sounds way better that “That’s Fabulous!”

    I don’t know who decided that some words were far worse than others, but since some asshole got to do it, then I’ll do it to.

    New cuss words:

    • Miri

      You stole the (cuss) words right out of my mouth Lauren. I’ve always thought that too (about people deciding some words are inherently bad).

  • http://lifewiththequirkyboys.com Michelle

    Dude! 300 votes? That’s fucking awesome!

  • Mama Bear

    Id rather read a blog with honesty, and straight to the point.. no sugar coated, PC crap. Your blog does that. Honest, trustworthy, to the point, and fucking hilarious!

  • http://hometownperch.com/ Stacie @hometownperch

    If there was the option:

    “No. I’m just jealous that you can say fuck on your blog because I don’t have the guts to say it on mine”.

    Then I would totally vote.

  • Teri

    Too many people get butt hurt about cussing. I fucking love it ;)

  • http://pinterest.com/tiffy21905/ Tiffany

    I am an F-bomb fan, I use it frequently. Why the fuck not?

  • Sinatrasdame

    I think your fucking hilarious. Don’t change it!!

  • sandy

    You fucking rock! LMAO reading your posts. Don’t change!

  • Melinda

    What’s funny, is that I’m not a fan of the f word, but it is so appropriate here! Keep it up!

  • Melissa

    I just happened to stumble across your blog yesterday…on Pinterest of course. I have since read all of them, and laughed hardest at the parts where you wrote fuck,shit, etc. Please keep doing what you do…You are fuckin’ hilarious!

  • Mags

    ‘Yes. My delicate sensibilities are offended’
    …but it’s your blog and I don’t have to read it, right ???! Plus, as a teacher, I’ve heard worse … ( and been called worse….!)

  • Stacy


    I’m right fuckin there with ya girl ;)

  • Bonnie

    I fucking love dropping the F bomb..although my favorite word is “SHIT”…Your blog cracks me the fuck up..no shit!!

  • http://witchrants.blogspot.com/?zx=2e8b06bbbd5123b5 Rachel Wohld

    Are you kidding me?? I have a shirt that lists 25 ways to use the F-bomb.

  • Tonievdv

    If i wasn’t so lazy & completely clueless
    how to blog, your’s is quite close to how I would
    do it! Fuck just makes things better!

  • Nan

    I’m glad that you asked. This is my first visit. Personally, I find it vulgar. I read two posts and overall thought they were humorous and your site concept ingenious -but- to me the ‘F’ work is like someone passing gas at dinner time – maybe funny the first time but then afterward immature. Removing it would not diminish you.

    • Karen

      I completely agree with Nan as well as the previous poster ( a minister’s wife ). You are funny and have a clever concept here, but knock yourself down peg by peg when you choose to curse. And no, I won’t share your blog with others because of it.

      • athenahm

        Or, you knock yourself down a peg each time you choose to complain about what someone you don’t know does on her own personal blog. This particular one is obviously not your cup of tea, so if you feel so strongly, why not try it your way on your own blog?

  • pml

    I say fuck them…say what you fucking want! :0)

  • Sherri

    Fuck is a bad word?

  • http://fojoy.wordpress.com Robyn

    I think the cursing is fucking awesome, but I a not a fan of having to click to “read the full story” for every post…
    Other than that, great – really fucking great

  • http://pinterest.com/just10 Justin

    I’m a fuckin dude, so fuckin-a-rite I use fuck a lot. Plus, I’m a dude who reads your blog BECAUSE you say fuck a lot, too.

    • Pintester

      You are one of the few dudes who reads this blog, so thank you, and fuckin’ a, man.

  • jk montgomery

    I tend to drop the f-bomb without even thinking who hears it. Sometimes get strange looks,
    who gives a fuck????

  • http://pinterest.com/IndigoRitual/ Indigo Ritual

    See, now, if you’d use “freakin'” or “friggin'”, I’d have bolted back through the blog door. Be yourself, say what you mean to say, and….oh, look, there goes the fuck you shouldn’t give…:)

  • Gillian

    jeeeeez people, it’s only a word. feel the fear and fuck it anyway. there aren’t enough blogs that say fuck in this world. don’t go changin’!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/thesamarmstrong Sam Armstrong

    This fuckery is fucking awesome.

  • Kimberly

    I read a lot about how you should know who your right people are and not worry about the rest. I think your right people are the people who aren’t gonna be upset by your language.

    • Pintester

      Yes, this. I think you’ve hit it on the head. Also, 85% of my readership agrees. ;)

  • M

    I wish there was a “like” button for comments on this blog!

    • Robbie


      • Pintester

        Ask and you shall receive.

  • jen_stamps

    You clearly know your audience! ;)

  • duuude

    If you drop the fbombs you would grow your audience because you would be SFW. It might be funnier to keep them but put in asterisks or make up your own funny swear word, like “pinprick?”

    • Haley

      Pinprick??!  I just threw up in my mouth.

    • Bllebby

      I don’t understand the deal with the asterisks?? Everyone knows f*** is fuck, so how does it become any less offensive? I’m not trying to be a wiseass, I’m truly curious! I belong to an email group where the owner/moderator insists you use an asterisk if you are going to use profanity. So fuck, shit or bitch will get you banned but f*ck, sh*t or b*tch is just fine. They both have the same meaning!! I just don’t get it?

  • dollarcraft

    I think it works for you!

  • http://www.littlelifeadventures.com/ cathy

    you are fucking hilarious. keep up the good work!!

  • sephia825

    I don’t like fucking wussies! Fuck it up fuck-master!

  • sephia825

    The ones who don’t like “fuck” are prudes and probably overly religious anyways!

  • Faren Ford

    If you think she cusses too much why continue to read her posts. She’s damn funny and its her right to post whatever she wants! 

  • azureketo

    Gonna share a lil something… FUCK = Fornication Under Consent of the King… Go breed em out! At least that is what the King of England had planned…. kind of backfired I think.. oh well. Few other acronyms out there too…  ….. FUN!
    Besides if it isn’t broke why fix it?! 

    • eandjomomma

       Thanks for the definition!  So, now that we all know the origin of this overused word, i say we all go around saying ‘Fornicate” in place of the F bomb. What a way to educate (or confuse) the masses!!

  • Adnama

    Granted, we’re a self-selected group – your tag line has “fuck” in it, so those of us to whom that indicated:  funny, laid-back, humorous, modern, well, we came on in and sat down and read for a while.  I love the word fuck but I won’t stop reading if you make a decision to change fuck to f***.  You just have to still be sarcastic and funny.

  • http://www.magnoliabayquilts.blogspot.com/ Kim

    I just tripped over your blog on my way from somewhere (can’t remember how I got here, to be honest), and just wanted to tell you that I’ve been laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes now.  I want to go through and read some more, but I’m afraid I may pass out from laughing.  I’ll be back, though.  Regarding the F-bombs, I say write what you want — it’s your blog.  Thanks for allowing us to visit. :-)

  • Juju88

    I love your blog. And though I try to curb my profanities myself (I got 3 young kids), I agree with another reader, post what you want, it’s your blog! If people are offended, they don’t need to read it or visit your blog. Keep up the funny business. It won’t be the same if you didn’t post what you’d actually be saying.

  • Lisa

    Is it bad that I hadn’t noticed that you’d been swearing?

    • AshleyWilson

      I was JUST thinking this exact same thing. lol… Probably is a bad thing. 

      • m

         @AshleyWilson me either!

  • SolangeSays

    Homegirl: I too struggle with a propensity for the F-Bomb, but I say be true to yourself and if they can’t take it, fuck ‘em. Swearing doesn’t mean you’re inarticulate, ‘need a thesaurus (that one made me laugh in its absurdity),’ trashy, or tacky, it means you’re breaking taboos and using language in ways that suit you. Would I say fuck in front of the Queen or my boyfriend’s mom? No. But to some ladies reading my blog! Fuck yes! So bomb away! 

  • shinypinklexus

    You share my ability to out-swear sailors! I fucking love it! Keep. Writing. Funny. Shit!

  • Seahana12

    I personally swear like a sailor myself, so of course it doesn’t offend me. Speaking objectively though, I would say that you don’t *overuse* it, IMHO. It’s used in such a way to intensify the “punchline” per se, perfectly. 
    Besides – it’s your blog – be you!

  • youarehere

    With my delicate sister in the car I recently thought it was okay to substitute “asshole” with “butthole” when  cursing a fellow motorist. She did not approve. She never says “butt.” Never.  She says “bottom.” I tried to correct myself and mumbled “bottomhole,” but it wasn’t the same. She didn’t approve anyway. Bombs away, I say.

  • Heather

    Well I personally don’t mind it, but find ‘GD’ to be like fingernails on a blackboard and that one does bother me. To each his own.
    Objectively speaking, though, I’m sure it does limit your readership somewhat…or at least the number of people willing to share the blog.

  • Bill

    I’m a 30 year old male, if you weren’t tossing in the F-bombs and keeping it real I would be reading about cars or some other shit. Instead I’m on to “Plus-One Pedicure”

  • Jennifer

    I must say…..a curse word is a word.
    It’s only negative because you give it the power to be such.
    Curse away…words are fucking words! lol :)
    Besides…it is your blog and many people love it! Why change yourself??? The whole point was to make a blog you loved right?!

  • Jennifer

    thats funny karen….you wont share it so you say…BUT you ARE reading it? What are you doing here then if you are so offended??? Stop judging…

  • Jennifer


  • A34very

    I don’t think these options could be any more perfectly phrased! :) This is by far one of my favorite blog posts. Ever. Thank you for making my day!

  • http://apaththroughthevalley.wordpress.com/ Kentagern

    Sorry, I just picked the “delicate sensibilities” one because it made me laugh the most. That’s how the interwebs works, right?