Plus-One Pedicure

0 Posted by - June 21, 2012 - Hair & Beauty

Last summer, I saw a pedicure in Glamour that I decided I must have.

Photo from Glamour

Alright, yes, it’s a little weird to base a pedicure on a dalmation foot, but I am nothing if not progressive in my fashion taste. (That’s a bald-faced lie, right there. My fashion taste runs toward sweatpants and t-shirts with rude things written on them. Or anything with embarrassing amounts of cleavage.)

So I went for it.

And then I did what everyone does in the age of the internets. I posted it on Facebook and asked all my friends if they thought it was weird, even though it was too late to change it, and I didn’t really want their damn opinions anyway.

Comments included:

“Well that’s… different.”

“If you’re trying to do a piano keyboard pattern, you got it wrong.”

“Are you flipping me off with your toe?”

Lesson learned: Your friends don’t know shit about the newest, coolest trends. Rock it and ignore them.

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  • Jamie

    I kept thinking you would have an extra toe when you were done. Talk about disappointed ;)

  • Beth Caudill

    The symmetry is off with just the one white one. Now it would be cool if you painted every other one white. ;)

  • Jennafer

    I often paint one or two nails a different color. If you do every other I think it looks like a child’s manicure. I think it’s cute on your toes…plus I think you can get away with just about anything on your toes. :)

  • Tami

    It’s different, that’s for sure!


    You’re officially my new favorite Bookmark.

  • Mama Bear

    see, if I did that, someone would of thought I smashed all my toes but one.

  • Kate George

    Will you stop already? I’m supposed to be writing and you are distracting me.

  • kirby

    Luv the toes

  • Christy Xandrick

    It’s only good if you’re walking around with the dog! Otherwise it looks like you just missed one.
    Love your writing! Made my weekend!

  • Angieleigh @ Once Upon A Book

    I think it’s pretty damn awesome!

  • Penelope

    I like it, and I think it looks cute with the red shoes.

  • Suzanne E.

    Would be much cuter with the right shoes. It is her shoes that make it look so good.

    • HisTechnoAngel

      yep, her shoes cover up much of her toes

  • Dee Dee

    Who cares what I think? But since there’s this tempting little white box here asking for my reply… I like it. It beats my month-old no-pedicure. If it were me, I’d have taken it a step further and flipped the other foot, making only one toe black and the rest white; and screw the heels, go w/barefoot sandals. But that’s just me. And who cares anyway?

  • Carey

    you are too funny!!!

  • Renee

    …am I the only person who cares that it’s the opposite of the dogs nails, which are white with only one black one?

    • StephaniHaefner

      LOL!! I noticed that!!!

  • DJ

    This is one of my favorite pedicures. Its definitely not weird. I get some negative comments too sometimes, but I like it so much it doesn’t really bother me.

  • cheekypinky

    You are totally flipping us off with your toe.

    Delightful beeyotch.

  • LesaForbesThomas

    If I step away from the laptop…your’s resembles a camel toe!!!

  • ksb

    The model seems to have bent toes, but I think doing this to match your shoes would help a good deal.

  • dappolonia

    I just got this same pedicure done today.  I love it!  Beside who gives a fuck they’re just toes.  I mean as long as they’re not fungus infested – who cares?  

  • Morgielicious

    I think it only looks good because the model has a dalmation foot next to her foot. Maybe if you had a dalmation you could take everywhere with you. That’s really the second part of this tutoiral. 1)paint your toes black and white 2) buy a dalmation.

  • Sydney

    I like it, i also do it with my hands..

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