Ryan Gosling Endorses Pintester

5 Posted by - June 26, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

The inestimable Ryan Gosling is here today, endorsing this humble blog. Without further ado, I present to you the Goz:

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  • Joanna

    Most excellent!

  • http://suddenlysandra.blogspot.com/ Sandra :)

    Oh my! Oh my my my my MY MY MY!!! *swoons a little bit more than is ladylike for an old married lady* :D

  • Angelika

    DROOL. Nom nom nom.

  • http://peonyandbee.tumblr.com kate

    I think the word “scrumptious” was invented for this boy.

  • lora96litdiva


  • katemgeorge

    Yum. Can Ryan come endorse my place too. Or as a close second I’d take George Clooney.

  • Crystal

    You get like 1000 points for this one. Too clever!!

  • annedreshfield

    HA. Love it. :) Welcome to the Livefyre community, and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us. We’d be happy to help! 

  • http://urthalun.com/ Julie

    Wow, what Kewl Kate said today, you certainly HAVE esploded!  Yipee!
     (And yes, we knew you when.)  :P

    • Pintester

      Sorry for the Livefyre trouble, Julie! It’s a new comment system I’m trying out and it’s a bit… uh… buggy.

  • http://www.howtogetlaidtips.com/ wm00

    I love it!

  • RLou

    Too funny!

  • Janet


  • http://canoncowgirl.wordpress.com/ canoncowgirl

    well of course he does! ;) Hey how do we submit a pin for you to test, oh great Pintester ;)

    • Pintester

       @canoncowgirl I read every single comment, so you can always submit in the comment section, or you can use the Contact button on the top menu. Either one works!

      • athenahm

         @Pintester That is incredible. A blogger who actually reads all of her comments. Gudonya! I really love this blog, it’s like the antithesis to Martha Stewart. Keep it coming!

        • Pintester

           @athenahm Ha, thanks! I have referred to myself as the anti-Martha quite a few times. ;)

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  • Trelaina

    Everyone thinks Ryan is so hot…and I did, too, after The Notebook.  UNTIL I was watching an old Goosebumps episode with my son and lo and behold a baby Ryan (ok, maybe he was 12-14 or so). Now I can’t get that young version out of my head and can’t even entertain impure thoughts of Ryan anymore. *sigh*

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