A Touching Tale of Poo (and a chance to win some Rockin’ Green soap!)

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Guys, I am pleased to have my first guest poster today AND our first ever sweepstake! I’m super excited to bring you this post from my talented, smart, and beautiful identical twin sister. Read to the end for your chance at some free stuff! Here’s Joanna:

Just to prove that we are in fact related to The Pintester…

(making faces at Christmas)

This is me with my beautiful baby girl. She is 20 months old now and super smart, with a great sense of humor, just like Auntie.

And like Auntie, I love Pinterest but tend to meet with limited success on actually carrying out pins. Most notable was probably the mug cake that ended up tasting like chewy flatulence.

Image from MyFitnessPal.com

But I do have a favorite board on Pinterest, full of ideas and products that I have actually tried over the last wonderful two years — cloth diapering. I am by no means a cloth diapering expert, but I have found what works for our family! Namely, what works for our family is saving money (and maybe like the Earth and stuff).

That being said, there is certainly a learning curve with this stuff. Here’s my first attempt at cloth diapering a tiny butt:

It got some better after a while:

And eventually almost normal-looking:

Another part of the cloth diaper learning curve was, unfortunately, learning to keep the stink down.

Hey, y’all, babies kinda smell, and they ooze a lot.  I don’t put on real clothes until right before I walk out the door because it reduces the risk of getting pooped, peed, barfed, or snotted on.  I’ve actually considered wearing a shirt with “just a little bit” of pee on it to work because “it will dry by the time I get there.”  To my coworkers: Yes, I do find that disgusting in retrospect, and no, I didn’t actually do it.

Some cloth diapering fails from our house (graphic poopiness below):

  1. I bought this hilariously ironic skull-and-crossbones laundry bag marketed to college students.  Then, I expected it to work well at containing the butt funk of a baby who pooped half her body weight every day.
  2. During “transitional poo” phase, wherein the baby gut gets used to solid food, Daddy actually vomited once while depositing the poo in the toilet.  I was not impressed.  In fact, I was not nice at all.  So then, Daddy had to clean up transitional poo and transitional barf.
  3. After the vomit incident, I would come home occasionally to find poopy diapers waiting for me next to the toilet.  Sometimes I would find them only when I set out to discover why my whole house smelled like litterbox.

But overall, it’s been a positive experience, and I’d say we’ve nailed it… or at least fastened it securely enough that it won’t fall off.

Thanks to Rockin Green for sponsoring this post. At our house, we keep cloth diaper stinkies under control with Classic Rock detergent and a little Funk Rock in the prewash!

So after that touching story of poo diapers from Joanna, I know you all are ready to try the magic of Rockin Green! It’s not just for poo diapers, either. It’s for all of your clothes (especially the stinky ones). All the readers of Pintester get a 15% off coupon, courtesy of Rockin Green. Just go to the site and order some soap and use coupon code “pintester” (without the quotes).

One lucky commenter on today’s post will also win a $50 gift certificate for Rockin Green soap! The sweepstake is open from right now until Friday, September 7, 2012 at midnight Eastern time, so comment until then for your chance to win. Be sure to leave me some way to get in touch with you so that I can let you know you’re the winner and get your mailing address for the gift certificate! One entry per person, U.S. residents 18 and older only, please! No purchase is necessary. Odds of winning are based on number of entries.

Winner will be notified via the method of contact you leave in your comment by midnight on Saturday, September 8, 2012. If a response is not received within 2 business days, a new winner will be drawn.

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