Dude. Ocean. Not cool.

1 Posted by - September 15, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

Have you guys seen this? Does it squick you out as much as it squicks me out?

I mean, really? Not cool, ocean. Not cool.

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  • MiekeInc

    Thank you! This is exactly how I felt about Wall-E, while it’s a cute movie he basically drags around an unconscious robot, ‘romancing’ her while she’s offline and then stalking her into submission when she wakes up and runs off cause he’s a frickin’ creep

    • JSmithSisters

      MiekeInc Bahahaha!  Gotta love the Disney messages…

  • WTFPinterest

    @ThePintester You are killing me!

  • TaryTaylor

    kind of reminds me of my first boy friend, except add a  part where he blows his nose in a dirty sock………… /ick!

  • Christine G

    the shore was obviously asking for it, just look at how it’s dressed…and anyway, those weren’t legitimate waves, so it’s cool…

  • SpaceyLords

    @ThePintester HA!

  • bethanew

    It’s from Sarah Kay’s spoken word poem “B”.  About motherhood.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDAFu7NyMUI

    • Pintester

      bethanew Thanks for the credit! I’ll add a link to my post above, too.

    • lorenandbrooke

      bethanew this woman makes me stabby.

  • MindyNorthrop

    LOL – I die.

  • http://manicuresandextrafrostingplease.tumblr.com/ Anabanana37

    Kissing leads to babies! Practice safe breath.

  • JenOHerron

    @ThePintester there’s nothing more creepier than someone who won’t stop slobbering all over you…someone should pin that

    • ThePintester

      @JenOHerron truth!

  • Truffles8761

    Even if it weren’t creepy it would make me a bit nauseated.  (I’m just not the romantic type).

  • renlish

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I’ll be watching you…I’m all for fucked-up, creepy romance! o.O

  • ThePintester

    @erikssoncat Thanks for the share!

  • EWJLang

    I love you for this.

  • ReneeHumes

    Wow.  Way to make a beautiful, inspirational poem from a woman to her future daughter into something creepy and weird.  I think this speaks volumes about you.

    • EWJLang

      ReneeHumes As the mother of 3 daughters, I am now extra creeped out.   This  “poem” is about the LAST message I want my girls to absorb about relationships.  It reads like a Twilight-inspired ode to stalker-controller boyfriends.   No THANKS.

      • ReneeHumes

        EWJLang  If you’ve bothered to listen to the poem being read… I’m going to have to assume you aren’t very bright.  It isn’t about pursuing people it’s about persevering in life in general.  Not giving up in life.  Again… I think your projections speak more about you than it.  Speaking as a mother of a very lovely, persevering and not-at-all creepy daughter.

        • mackiecarp

          ReneeHumes   Regardless, it’s a poor metaphor.  And insisting that both Pintester and EWJ are projecting is projecting in itself.  Hypocrisy and amphigory!  

        • mackiecarp

          ReneeHumes In addition, lighten up.  Jesus christ, this site is meant as humorous.  The fact that you’re reading into it so much is indicative that — well, not to project — you’re a boorish person.  

        • ReneeHumes

          mackiecarp Is it?  Or is it interpretation?  But hey – taking someone’s personal, beautiful work and dragging it through the mud in the name of a few cynical laughs… It’s all in good fun, right?

        • ReneeHumes

          mackiecarp I do take it personally.  This isn’t a case of the moderator trying a fun Pinterest craft and failing hard at it – it’s a case of picking on someone’s art.  Shame on her.  However, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.  My opinion is… you’re right.  The site is meant to be humorous.  So stick to the self-depreciating humor.

        • Pintester

          ReneeHumes I’m actually making fun of the pin, which took one line of the poem completely out of context. Without anything else surrounding that one line, it takes on a completely different meaning than it does in the poem.Not saying anything about the poem specifically, but I totally stand by thinking that one line out of context is ridiculous.

        • EWJLang

          ReneeHumes Honey, go get that nice big dictionary and look up ad hominem fallacies.   Then you can come back and either apologize or once again demonstrate how much “brighter” you are then the rest of us.   

        • mackiecarp

          ReneeHumes If that’s the case, then nobody should criticize anything ever.  “Art” is a broad and overly-encompassing term, and to end any kind of humorous interpretations of it would mean the end of satire (i.e., no Candide, which I’m fairly certain 99% of the literati would hate you for).  Sometimes, the humorous perspective yields more interesting results than the original piece.  In the instance of this poem, I think the thing itself is actually fairly good as far as trite inspirational poetry goes, but I think that this post is a lot more enjoyable.  Also, not to be “that guy,” but the word you’re looking for is self-deprecating.  Just saying.  

    • renlish

      ReneeHumes Please to be lightening up and read this ENTIRE BLOG in the context that it is actually written.  M’kay? Thanks.

      • ReneeHumes

        renlish  LOL, okay.  I’ll please to be lightening up.  My apologies!

    • http://manicuresandextrafrostingplease.tumblr.com/ Anabanana37

      ReneeHumes  Wow way to make a joke a big deal. I think that speaks volumes about YOU.