Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

0 Posted by - September 26, 2012 - Food & Drink

I really tried hard to mess this recipe up. I mean, you know, not on purpose. But there were several things that could have gone awry.

Let me back up. I attempted this:

You guys know how things in muffin tins tend to go for me, and if you don’t, let me present evidence:

So you can understand my trepidation, right?

There were other things I was worried about, too.

1. Expired baking powder.

2. Not-so-fresh Parmesan cheese. (But hey, it’s naturally aged, so that’s something.)

3. Inability to find cubed pepperoni. I found regular pepperoni and chopped it up myself.

(Note dog in bottom right corner making extra sure I didn’t drop any pepperonis by accident.)

With all of these factors combined, plus the fact that I’ve never successfully unstuck a thing in a muffin tin (besides an actual muffin), my expectations were quite low.

I did use Bakers Joy instead of Pam to spray the muffin tins… So maybe, just maybe…

And they came out looking pretty damn delicious, so when the moment of truth came, I was really, really hoping they would come out of the tin without much of a fight.

Are you in suspense yet?

Drumroll, please…

Holy shitballs! It worked!

I’d like to thank Bakers Joy, my mini muffin tins, the fork that was the implement of removal, and, of course, last but not least, pepperoni grease. I couldn’t have done it alone! Thank you, thank you.

Also, they were quite delicious, but how could a pizza biscuit not be delicious, really?

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  • rfoust

    These were yummy. Would be a great idea for a party.  Or a meal. :)

  • Hemborgwife

    The thank at the end totally reminded me of the one Travis does in Clueless!

  • beanzers

    You crack me up!  I’ll have to try this one now too!

  • KatrinaDuv

    Awesome, thanks! I can’t wait to try this! Do you think it will matter if I use Italian sausage? Gonna go read the recipe now. 

  • ThisSillyGirlsLife

    Those look awesome! YUM!

  • Anabanana37

    I’m so proud of you. *tears up*

  • Susanlee178

    Hell’s bells! Yours look better than the original!

  • Mommybailey

    Harris Teeter! The Teeter! Sorry. I grew up in NC and was just reminiscing (I just went to to make sure I spelled that right). But those look yummy. Definately on my to-do list!

  • Truffles8761

    Awwwww, our little Pintester is growing up.

  • healthybehappy

    I had a dream last night that I met you. You didn’t like me. =(

  • ReginaDiazTorre

    well this is definitely a pin I will have to try, if the all muffin destroyer managed to make them look like actual food then there is something to this recipe

  • Stringends

    I totally thought of Travis’s speech too!

  • kellirobbins

    I made these once and they were pretty darn tasty! Good job!

  • KasieStrickland

    Dude, baking powder expires?

  • palinadagny

    I’ve done a lot of experimenting with ingredients myself, and I’ve come to the conclusion that an idiotproof way to make something delicious is to use cheese (or chocolate for the sweets). Any kind of cheese will do. It’s too bad I’m lactose intolerant.

    • pdacord

      palinadagny Use Cabot brand. All 100% naturally lactose free :) And they are delicious!

  • bonnierabon

    I made these before but I had to substitute the flour stuff for a small envelope/package of Bisquick stuff. And hey, it didn’t taste awful. Yeah for me!

  • mommad

    Holy Shitballs.  Love it.

  • mommad

    Holy Shitballs?  Love it.

  • KianaBaldwin

    what are the instructions???

  • StickSays

    Well here’s a pin I’m repinning to try for later~ Thanks pintester :3

  • krez

    Do you think maybe your just not great in the kitchen?  I know I’m not, someone could be next to me going step by step and I’d still mess it up.

  • Abe333

    Good for you!

  • Danielle

    Baker’s Joy probably did help a lot! I know a lot of things would stick to my muffin and cake pans when I used other sprays and the butter/flour dusting, but once my MIL told me about Baker’s Joy and I switched, the sticking stopped. I’ve used it for about five years now.

  • meredithea

    Baker’s Joy is awesome. That is all.

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