Soda Ice Cream

0 Posted by - September 28, 2012 - Food & Drink

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Recipes that say “fool-proof” are like a dare, right? Because, usually, I can fool them. Take Exhibit A:

It’s ice cream that uses only two ingredients: a 2-liter soda (any flavor) and a can of sweetened condensed milk.

I fooled it on the first step, which is, “Pour the soda in first.”

Apparently, my ice-cream maker is gnome-sized. So like 1 liter of soda fit in there before it was completely full. But, I decided that I was not going to give up, and I estimated half a can of milk and poured that in there, too.

I was deathly afraid that the whole thing was going to fizz up in a volcano-like explosion when I turned on the ice-cream maker, but, for once, my worst fears did not come to pass, and it spun happily for the prescribed 30 minutes.

I’m sorry (but not surprised) to report that it didn’t really look like ice cream.

As far as the taste? Well… I guess if you like Dr. Pepper really a lot, maybe it’s ok. It was really melty and not super sweet, which was ok, but it wasn’t, like, the best thing ever.

Oh hell. Just give me some damn Breyer’s and let’s have this over with.


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  • JSmithSisters

    I’ll never understand why people find the need to mess with perfectly good icecream. I don’t want it to taste like mushed bananas or weird Dr. Pepper. Pass me the Breyer’s!  And scootch over, my ass won’t fit in that tiny space anymore.

  • liz mk

    I think it would have worked if you would have added copious amounts of whiskey.

  • RebeccaAChr

    @ThePintester Woohoo Dr. Pepper!

    • ThePintester

      @rebeccaachr Right? Except it’s better if you just drink it, turns out.

      • RebeccaAChr

        @ThePintester While eating Dryers. And cookie dough.

  • onegirlgeek

    Before I read the captions on the picture, I thought you made cookie dough, lol. I just repinned one of those soda pop ice cream pins the other day…nice to know it probably won’t work for my tiny ice cream maker either.

  • ThisSillyGirlsLife

    LOL yea…. that doesn’t seem like the makings of a great ice cream.

  • ThePintester

    @alimoongoddess Haha, thanks.

  • Truffles8761

    Well, that looked pretty crappy.  I have made ice-cream sans ice cream maker with sweetened condensed milk which turned out very well.  (Basically you whip the stuff then freeze it).  But this….well….looks pretty crappy.  Just sayin’.

  • Kirstypiper

    @ThePintester should I just eat the condensed milk straight from the can???

  • LynnEllison

    @ThePintester and, now I’m craving a Coke float.

  • LittleSgtPepper

    It looks over churned.  I’d bet that you didn’t need the full 30 minutes since you only did a half-batch. 

  • mndhild

    Personally, I think Dr. Pepper should only be altered with Rum, or Whiskey…

  • StephanieEinaphets

    Did you already post this on craft fail?

    • Pintester

      StephanieEinaphets Yep, I did! If you want to read it on CraftFail you can click the link at the top of the post. :)

      • StephanieEinaphets

        Pintester StephanieEinaphets I should read everything before I pin.

      • StephanieEinaphets

        Pintester StephanieEinaphets I should read everything before I comment *blush

  • worksbyamy

    In Texas, as a child, we used to make ‘Big Red’  (which is a soda) ice cream!!!  It was pink!  And awesome.

    • Christina Jacobs

      Oooh! I bet that was delicious! I brought two cases of Big Red back with me from Texas after my last visit!

  • vogueseamstress

    sorry, this is one of those recipes where you have to use the full size ice cream maker.  I tried cutting it down and it didn’t work.  I think it is best with fruit flavored soda, or rootbeer.  I love this for a quick easy sherbet like ice cream.  sorry your’s didn’t work!

  • lawyer

    I like that

  • Annie