Apple Smiles

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This is seriously probably one of the first things I ever pinned:

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Stinkin’ cute, right? And perfect for my body-parts-themed Halloween foods.

Slice apples, slather peanut butter, place marshmallows, done.

You know what? I’m not even going to bother regaling you with the tale of how I made these, because I think the results speak for themselves. When you do it, you should not do it like me, ok? Or your apple smiles will look like hideous apple grimaces with gingivitis.

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  • hannahmayer

    Those look like they should be wearing overalls and playing a banjo on someone’s front porch.

  • Kaylah

    They didn’t turn out so bad. Just a little too much peanut butter on them. At least they look like what they are supposed to. I can tell they are supposed to be smiles. lol

  • Leauxra

    Will the multi-colored marshmallows work?  No?  What about green apples?Oh.

  • liz mk

    I can’t help but think this would have been better if one marshmallow were replaced with black licorice. Ya know, to stay true to the NC roots (you can’t take offense to that since I am a current NC resident).

  • Truffles8761

    Can I just smear peanut butter on gigantic marshmallows and call it a day?  I can roll ‘em in potato chips and call ‘em porcupines.  Either way, I’m eating some peanut buttery marshmallows.

  • aMUSEme8

    Aww…Hey look!! Uncle Earl came to the party with Grandpa’s teeth. (Sadly, according to bubba and missy sue, uncle Earl and Grandpa are the same person) Should have stuck a piece of chocolate in the place of one of the marshmallow’s. Or just left one or two out entirely. :)

  • HeatherK

    Lol did you use chunky peanut butter?  I think that is what is giving it the grimacing, gingivitis look.

  • AustinBRC

    But it’s Halloween, so the gingivitis version is WAY more appropriate.  Props, Pintester!

  • Libraryofbird

    I bet the original pin was air brushed. You can totally tell they had work done.
    Anywho! If your theme is body parts I the more fucked up less realistic is the way to go. I mean who wants to eat lady fingers that look like real lady fingers? Bring on the (apple) jacked up teeth!

    • Truffles8761

      Libraryofbird Kudos for “apple jacked” (made me laugh out loud).  There are so few times in life where that term can be used.

  • Bakerchick

    Hell out here in the country that’s what everybody’s teeth look like
    That is if you have any.

  • PattyFitchHicks

    HAHAHAAA!  Your smiles look like they have sweaters on their teeth.  Forget to brush this morning…teehee.  Pretty cute.  Thanks for the great laugh.

  • NickTallent

    Could’ve been worse…you could’ve used Nutella…

  • Libraryofbird

    For a shit eating grin?

  • Craftpocalypse

    This friends, is why you should floss daily.

  • LadyRita

    HAHA!  You used the peanut butter in a spray can!  That’s awesome.

  • wilhelmena3

    Yours look more Haloween-y than the original ones.  The original ones were too perfect.  (No offense to the person who posted the amazing non-brown apple slices paired with marshmallows and peanut butter)  And no offense to you, either, Pintester.  Does peanut butter come in a spray can in the US?  It doesn’t in Canada.  Peanut butter in a spray can boggles my mind.

  • SherriPate

    I think you went a lil overkill on the peanut butter…

  • Ethne Hedren Denham

    Is that chunky peanut butter you used?  That makes a world of difference right there.  You just turned off a generation of would-be dentists.  Of course, the original idea was just asking for that, which is a shame since the original idea has tooth rot written all over it.

  • michellelfelt

    These look like some Deliverance teeth which is too fucking scary to even talk about. Gives a new meaning to “You got a mighty pretty mouth”. Also, I wondered if you ever make something perfectly and then are like oh shit, I have to mess this up now.

  • healthybehappy

    Hey, great diarrhea teeth.

  • Christine G

    this post is sadly lacking in an action shot of the Pintester holding up these (apple) jacked up teeth in front of her mouth!  (thanx to @Libraryofbird also ^_^)

  • ThatGabbyAbby

    That. Is. Awesome. I think yours are way better. Seriously. What’s scarier than oozy old lady teeth?

  • DianneBehenWithers

    LMAO!!! I had tears on this one. I agree with Christine G, I want to see you holding these up!!!!

  • ShannonDilger

    HAHAHAHA seen this on my pinterest and HAD to check it out on here. Just as funny as I suspected!

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  • yennydayerman

    Please tell me that is not crunchy peanut butter!!!!   This made me laugh out loud, on a week I could really use a laugh!!

  • KatherynBeerman

    the original look like Julia Roberts mouth….I’ll take your smeagel smiles thank you.

  • WendyBowers1

    I did that for a preschool snack last year. Mine looked like yours, only possibly a little worse. Good thing it was for Halloween, right?

  • KC

    I just keep scrolling to the picture and laughing! hahaha! thank you so much!

  • emily

    I attempted these too for my daughters Halloween dance party and mine turned out about like yours :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Candy Britt Miles

    This one really did make me laugh out loud. Hilarious!!!