The Way You Move

4 Posted by - October 6, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

I love it when someone tells me there are no words for something. Because damn-hell if I can’t find some words for you. Good ones, too.

Quote by Brian Andreas. Photo by unknown. (Let me know and I’ll credit it!)

There are no words for that? False.

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  • KateGeorge

    Well that was good for a Saturday morning laugh. Next time I need a word I’m calling you.

  • TWilson

    Coffee. Thru the nose. I’m def awake now. lmao!

  • MarcySnow

    Usually when my husband moves against me in his sleep he is either trying to work out a fart or hes trying to grope something.. and I have plenty of words for that, mostly explicit ones. – Newlywed.

  • OliviaFletcher

    OMG you have no idea how much I needed that. I am sitting here working on a paper on teen relationship violence and my computer (which is less than a week old) is giving me the business. You made me LOL.

  • ElizabethLeeCassels

    holy shit, that is funny!! and that is exactly what I was thinking when I read it!

  • Mommybailey

    When my husband moves against me in his sleep, i know whats on his mind and I say to myself, “damn it, i’m tired.”

  • annaswanotto

    No way, this is a Brian Andreas quote and Story People are the bomb! (I have this print on my bedroom wall :))

  • Truffles8761

    Or his big ass ice cold feet looking for my butt crevice.  I have a few choice words for that too.

  • PandaFraz

    Usually, its his feet.  That man is capable of scratching me with his toe nails and I swear he’s made me bleed a few times. He’s also the only man I’ve ever slept in the same bed with that makes me wish men shaved their legs.  Feels like sleeping with lambs that were in the dryer too long.  Except not soft or cute.

  • Christine G

    As I read the above, my parents’ little dog came over with his favorite toy, sat on my leg, started to “H” and ended with “goddammit get off me you ball-less freak!”. True story.

  • jac_mcc


  • ThisSillyGirlsLife
  • KellyGarner

    what book is this from?

  • SarahNwranskiStevenson

    “…and it makes me want to swat you with a newspaper like I do the hobo who eats out of our garbage.”

  • Haleyknitz


  • shainamaydel

    That’s from StoryPeople! :-)

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  • ginafyi

    Love it!

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