What If

0 Posted by - October 14, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

I’ve thought long and hard about this question since I saw it on Pinterest.

Is this yours? Let me know and I’ll credit you.

And here’s my answer…

What would you have?

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  • SarahAndrus

    alcohol and my sister!

  • KasieStrickland

    The ability to fit into a size 6 and to sleep until double digits. Alas, neither came true today…

  • Truffles8761

    That whatever was in my eye (eye lash, cat hair, who knows) is gone.  ‘Cause that was annoying as hell.
    That I didn’t make a complete ass of myself at the interview.  Partial ass, yes.  Complete ass, no.

  • bybreenah

    Coffee & my daughter.

  • JoyLuVasquez

    toilet paper and the seat was down….

  • abh89

    I’d have sex and tequila all in all two fantastic days

  • darthdiandra

    Assholes who police other people’s bodies.
    (I assume a sarcastic ‘thank god’ counts, sadly, I don’t think I’ve thanked god recently for anything good.)

  • CortneyMcGinnes

    Does thinking the Goddess count? lol If so i would have my love, my aunt, indoor bathrooms, and pizza :) that’s all i was really thankful for yesterday

  • sMelsGood

    I’m happy to say I’d be left with the people I love. And my cats. I’m a crazy cat lady…

    • Truffles8761

      sMelsGood Crazy cat ladies unite!!!!!

      • sMelsGood

        Doesn’t matter how many times I have to pick the towel up off the floor I’m still impressed about how high Riff-Raff has to just to pull it down. I named him well…

  • jac_mcc

    My kids would be at school, and …. oh yeah – I’d have an Black Russian in my hand!

  • PandaFraz

    That my children finally fell asleep, and it only took me till 2AM to do homework.  See, it’s 2:04 AM, and look where I am. :)

  • renlish

    Chocolate and nail polish which, funnily enough, I’ve also got today. SO… Thanks again, Gawd!

  • MagsHugs

    Wine, family, cheese and birth control! Yeah!

  • Christine G

    advil and a chance to sit down – today I’m less crampy and I’ll be at my desk all day…hmm, maybe I should be more creative

  • hannamarie27

    A hot shower and my cat. (not at the same time)

  • http://www.respectfulmommy.blogspot.ca/ Respectful Mommy

    LOL Love it. My family, wine and fresh air.

  • Jenna P

    I think the closest things I had to an “Oh, thank GOD!!” moment yesterday were a) thank God two coats of paint on the cabinets looks passable; and b) thank God I finally finished “The Return of the King.” (It was the first time I’d watched the trilogy since reading the books, and spending 558 minutes muttering “that never happened” gets old in about 120 minutes.)

  • LindseyTucker

    Dry shampoo and sex. Yes one may have contributed to the other!

  • connerzgram

    beer and a job!

  • connerzgram

    beer and my mom!  yah that would be good!

    • connerzgram

      unless of course she would get bitchy and then i would be left with beer (always beer) and spray cheese on ritz crackers!

  • ShelbyHogan

    Children’s television. Otherwise I’d have a dead kid, or at least an illiterate one.

  • MegD_85

    I’d have wine and a surplus of Egyptian cotton sheets and more episodes of Cougar Town than you could shake a stick at.

  • elliecm

    today i said, ‘thank god spiders can’t fly’, and immediately thought of you! (and seriously thank god b/c spider are freaky enough!)

  • Claudia_Wolf

    A winning Powerball ticket and a middle finger raised to my boss.

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