Coincidence, Fate, and Pessimism

1 Posted by - November 3, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

Here’s a cute thing.

I shed a single tear of universal love. And then I made this.

Utoh, are my grouchypants showing?

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  • CobyCoyle

    LOL, being a pessimist myself, I appreciated this. A lot.

  • marinamaxwell

    Ah, i hate these corny pins so very much. Love your addition though. Perfection, as usual.

  • heidibadger

    Bawaaaaaahahahaha. Perfect.

  • melmains

    “Lets make this a foursome and call it a day,” said optimism in gleeful anticipation of his yet unused sex toys.
    Did I “jump the shark” here? Maybe I should have waited for the inappropriate comments to escalate :)

    • godkina

      melmains someone had to start it, might as well have been someone with a funny comment. Well played!

  • Truffles8761

    I said something similar the other day only it went more like “Shut your pie hole and get a room”.  Similar, no?  I didn’t bother with the rest of the quote.

  • ErinHanlon

    i think we might be soul mates.

  • Haleyknitz


  • RachelElizabethDeMicco

    “Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on here?!?” – Igneous

  • Christine G

    So there’s an ad over there —–> for a “squatty potty”, distracting me from being appropriately snarky about the original crappy quote above. I see our rampant potty humor here has been recognized by the advertising gods. Also, I’m feeling very pessimistic over the squatty potty’s “spray” potential and now have to get those images out of my brain.

    • ainsley_brock

      Christine G that ad also is distracting says “FELL lighter, healthier,and cleaner’ Those images are stuck in my mind

    • melmains

      Christine G Hahaha! I did a true, old fashioned double take on that ad. And I didn’t grow up privileged enough for fancy toilets, but is anyone else just seeing a stool? Walmart sells those for about $5.