Pesky Zippers

1 Posted by - November 17, 2012 - Quotes & Memes

I know the youths like Tumblr, partly because of angsty stuff like this:

Image from neveragainx0

But sometimes I just can’t help… well… fixing them.

Be careful out there, girls.

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  • mackiecarp

    “He’s even more careful because if you get your wingwang stuck in a zipper, there’s really no escape.”

    • JessicaRWebb

      mackiecarp …..Thank you for the new word for my vocabulary. :)

      • ainsley_brock

        JessicaRWebb mackiecarp … I about died

  • StarvingDiva

    I do often giggle at these girls, I know high school is rough, but good grief, life gets a whole lot harder after it, if high school is the worst they have experienced, they should consider themselves lucky.

    • ANoelleSouth

      StarvingDiva I so agree.  Wait till they have to get jobs, pay bills, and deal with all the BS being an adult entails!

  • JoyLuVasquez

    I don’t get these artsy fartsy pictures with the deep and supposedly meaningful sayings over them…. What does trying to scratch that extremely annoying itchy spot in the middle of your back have anything to do with crying yourself to sleep while being guarded?

  • shawver83

    Perfect! I hate these stupid, angsty things that are popping up all over Facebook and everywhere else. Your fix was just what it needed!

  • triners

    Or “She is flexible because she knows the bra hooks inevitably start itching when you are at the beach alone.”

  • Truffles8761

    I just can’t work up any sympathy for these angsty pre-teens. Back in the day (after I walked to school 50 miles in the snow) I’d get my ass kicked, my lunch money stolen, and my clothes ridiculed all before lunch.  If I was lucky I would get to the bus to go home with one more ass kicking and a tiny allotment of dignity.

  • JulieHaywardBrantley

    Yea…I’m so tired of these deep, tortured 16 year old souls posting stupid ass duck face pictures from their I-phones whilst driving around in a car that daddy bought, pushing the gas pedal with their $200 Uggs. Cry me a river bitch.(rant over)

  • laurpud

    HA!  That was good!  I think I love you…

  • GirlWhoCriedSkinny

    BWA HA HA HA!  There are SO many things on Pinterest that need grammar correction that I’ve sprained my eyes rolling them.  But this?  This is genius.

  • shawver83

    What’s even scarier is that I’ve seen lots of these ‘life is so hard and I’ve been through SO much’ posts coming from freakin’ adults! People in their 40’s, for God’s sake. Granted, they may have gone through more shit than your average teenager, but still…leave this angsty, emo shit for the 14 and under crowd!

  • ainsley_brock

    She is dumb because she is trying to scratch the itch no one can and also who the heck walks on a stormy beach in a tiny to short dress…. (she also looks to be about 10)

  • MegD_85
  • KatherynBeerman

    looks like she’s smelling her armpits…

  • RachelElizabethDeMicco

    overuse…of italics…i am…dead.

  • Kayla Roszelle

    I could care less about the grammer when the quote self is so contrived. No pinterest, you are not changing my life with your teen/20something versions of the corporate inspirational posters from 2001. ugg!

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