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I’ve got a question for you today, Pintestes. It’s about the video posts. Help me out. And, if your option isn’t listed here or if you’d like to expound, please comment below!

What do you think of Pintester videos?

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I personally really like doing the videos, but they are labor-intensive for sure, and I don’t want to keep doing them if, for some reason, you people don’t like them as much as I do. I am a vain creature and could possibly be biased about how fun they are.

Thanks for your help!

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  • byoglitter

    I think the way you do them now is good – not every post is a video, but they make for a nice change of pace.

    • KasieStrickland

      byoglitter  I agree. They’re okay every now and then, but please don’t change over into a video blog..

  • JasiLee

    i think videos now and then are cool. especially if there’s a big recap with more below in case i can’t watch it right away.

  • NDCWalker

    I am usually disappointed when I see a video blog because I’m not able to view it while working (which I admit is where I do most of my blog reading) I’d much rather see a picture/text post.

  • coreyann1

    Generally I don’t watch or like videos but I like yours!

  • kasethepeanut

    I enjoy your videos just as much as your regular blog posts but “They are stupid. You are a weenie. Stop that shit.” was too tempting.

  • skarnovs

    I was all set to write an insightful comment about how much I enjoy the videos but I’m absentminded and can’t ever come back to them after class….but then I got distracted by stalking through your about me and I realized…. YOU ARE MY NAME TWIN. This is extremely exciting news because I have never met another SonJa who spells her name correctly. Rest assured that from now on I will love anything and everything you do by default.

  • kward3

    I love your videos, but the fart noise gets me every time. My coworkers think “THAT GUY”.

    • kward3

      *think I’m “THAT GUY”. Derp.

  • BB Brown

    There should be an option that says “I can’t watch them at work, and despite my best intentions to watch them when I get home, I don’t”. Sorry – I get distracted by shiny things and wine when I get home and after being at a computer all day, it’s typically the last thing I want to do when I get home. No offense – it’s not personal.

  • RosalieMelissa

    I virtually NEVER watch videos online, no matter how many people tell me I “must”. I do, however, watch all of your videos.

  • RachaelKenney

    I tried watching one but the audio wasn’t great so I haven’t tried watching since. I have hearing loss and bad audio ruins lots of videos for me (and the captions feature on youtube is horribly bad).

  • UnfitParent

    I hope you keep doing the videos.  Big D & I like to get freaky to the background music.  But sometimes it gets SO awkward when I start laughing mid-freak.

  • Truffles8761

    Only videos can do a good belch justice.

  • JulieHaywardBrantley

    I like them, but can’t watch them because if my 3 year old hears anything from the computer he comes and steals it from me like the big fucking bully he is and then I am sickened with hours of songs from sprout online. Not an option, I know…but it’s my reality.

  • melclark14

    I like the videos, and think they’re funny. The only downside to watching the videos is that I can’t hear anything that’s going on in them. Well, besides the fart noise in the beginning that is always VERY loud because I forget about it and turn my speakers up all the way to try to hear the video. So, to sum it all up, the audio quality sucks, but the videos are good and enjoy them. (when I’ve got my ear up the the speaker and can actually hear what you’re saying).

  • ElizabethTownsend

    Hi! There wasn’t a straightforward ”I like them and you’re doing the right amount” so I’m posting that here instead. :)
    I agree with the people who said that the sound quality is a bit rubbish though so if you’re looking for ways to improve the videos, that would be one.
    In general, I’d say the number of videos you do is just right. Loving the blog in general! xxx

  • LKGirlHPFan

    I love them! I think they shouldbe longer! And the sound quality is freaking perfect on my iPad, just for everyone to know. Especially with headphones.

  • loislolane

    I loveeeeee the videos they always make me literally laugh out loud to the point where I sound like I’m crazy.

  • CyndiSizemore

    “Love them! Keep doing them!” & “Love them! DO MORE!” should OBVIOUSLY be combined to out-weigh “I dislike videos in general. Nothing personal.”! Come on!!!! The videos are GREAT!!!! ;)

  • dgespinoza68

    I love the videos!!  You are so hilarious and you help me not feel so bad about drinking and f’ing up shit of my own. I wish I had the guts to post videos.  Keep doing them!!!!!!

  • athenahm

    You do really well with the editing. Reminds me of Wheezy Waiter :)

    • Pintester

      athenahm Well, wow. He is the ideal to aspire to, for sure!

      • athenahm

        Pintester  It occurred to me that you might not know who that was, AFTER I posted this comment… Youtube guy with clones edited in. I watch him as much as I read your stuff.

        • Pintester

          athenahm I totally know who he is, and I admire his work! (It’s on such a grander scale than my stuff that I am flattered to even be compared at all. ;))

  • SamanthaChimiHowes

    Please don’t kibosh the videos! They are awesome!

  • angieo

    I hope your voting changes I cant believe people would not want to watch your videos, if they cant watch them at work then wait until you get home dorks! :)

  • allymacary

    You’re too lazy I get it, keep em going! (JK Love you, mean it)

  • dave6006

    I subscribe in email and videos don’t come in the emails. I either don’t have time or I’m too lazy to go watch the videos.

  • DianneMessina

    Sometimes, it is hard to hear the audio.  I assume it is something funny and I would be laughing, if I could hear it.

  • ThisSillyGirlsLife
  • SomerAlderson

    I don’t think your wittiness, intelligence, and general fun-ness comes across as much in the videos as in your writing.

  • nina42simone

    Too serious. Drink more or smoke something in advance. Point is, relax!

  • SherriPate

    Don’t stop doing the videos…I demand it :D For a serious gal like me, it’s nice to laugh once in a while hehe

  • MMcDonald

    love the videos.. you see, i like to be lazy and just watch hilariousshit.. Reading you’re snap ya knee funny posts are great and all butafter a long day of working my tail off I dont want to have to work formy chuckles.. give me my lazy chuckles please!!!

  • MMcDonald

    love the videos.. you see, i like to be lazy and just watch hilarious shit.. Reading you’re slap ya knee funny posts are great and all but after a long day of working my tail off I dont want to have to work for my chuckles.. give me my lazy chuckles please!!!

  • AyaRosen

    I like text and photos better.

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