Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cocktail

0 Posted by - February 8, 2013 - Food & Drink, Valentine's Day

I know I just did a plain old manicure post yesterday and not a Cocknails video. Sorry about that, dudes, but the videos take a lot of time and effort and I had a severe case of the blahs this week, so it didn’t happen.

I do have a cocktail for you today, though, so just smash today’s post and yesterday’s post together in your mind and pretend, ok? It’s even a Valentine-themed cocktail, because I love you. Ahhn.

This is a chocolate raspberry truffle cocktail.

I told you I don’t really like Valentine’s Day, but who doesn’t love delicious chocolatey cocktails? I’ll get in the spirit for that.

Now, you’re really supposed to have some kind of fancy schmancy chocolate liqueur for this and also “premium” vodka. I worked with what I had.


I’m also not sure that Reddiwip is quite in the spirit of this, but hell if I was going to make “fresh” whipped cream.

This recipe did, however, make two cocktails, so I lovingly also prepared one for my significant other.

Please note my festive towel.

Please note my festive towel.



And the cocktail was then rejected by said significant other. Fine, dude. But if you think you’re getting something other than a questionable Pintester cocktail for Valentine’s Day, you may possibly be mistaken.

And so I had to drink them both myself. I had to. There was no other choice. They were delicious, by the way, and I drank them enthusiastically… and a little too fast.

So, then, for Valentine’s Day, my significant other also got begged repeatedly to take me to the drug store because I neeeeeeeded some Doritos and please-please-please I’m way too drunk to go by myself and I neeeeeeed Doritos. (I was rejected again, just so you know.)

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope your significant other actually appreciates it when you test possibly disgusting cocktails on him and then drink his for him and then drunkenly demand that he take you to the store to buy Doritos.


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  • Kasey Oliver

    Way to go, this one kind of actually turned out! I don’t drink, but I’d definitely try this if someone made it because I LOVE anything chocolate raspberry flavored!

  • Joy Lu Vasquez

    How much of the reddiwhip was squirted directly into your mouth?

    • Pintester

      When no one will buy you Doritos, you do what you gotta do.

  • Lindsey

    Can we also put this under the color coding of menstration day 2?

    • Pintester

      EWWWWWuh. Also, this is more properly like menstruation day 6… (EWWWWWuh!)

      • LadyRita

        Still more appealing than the leprechaun spunk color of your last drink. Although it might just be the whipped cream that makes it look more drinkable

    • Lauren

      Like I said on the last post, it needs something to represent the blood clots if it’s gonna be called menstruation day 2!!

  • Guest

    Can code this under the color of menstruation day 2 as well?

  • scot

    Other than being dried period-blood ala day 6….this looks delightful.

  • Ashley Chesson

    whoever is snooty enough to look down on your absolute needs to reexamine their life.

    • Ashley Chesson

      i can’t believe i missed a perfectly good pun. well here goes what i should have said “whoever is snooty enough to look down on your vodka ABSOLUTEly needs to reexamine their life”

  • Ethne @

    Oh, the Pintestes love the menstruation day references – you’ll never live this one down!! I concur with Period Day 6 – not that appealing. Given your proficiency in the making of shoddy cocktails, I do trust when you say they were yummy. I think.

  • Truffles8761

    Alas, the wretched other denied your God-given right to Doritos. A pox upon his house! Oh wait, I rescind that pox as it’s your house too. Hmmmm, a pox upon his favorite easy chair!

  • LittleChestnut

    Anyone who makes homemade whipped cream for two cocktails has too much time on their hands. I am a baker and I love my man, I still wouldn’t do that for him, even on valentines day. Honestly, I doubt he can tell the difference.

  • Nicole L

    made this after I saw this post (only cause I’ve been looking for a reason so use some of my chocolate liquor)… if the website says that makes two drinks then they don’t know a good serving size or I’m confused on “cocktail glass” size

    • TheBeerLady

      Kinda like those Ben & Jerry’s cartons that insist they contain four servings. Not in my world, dude.

      • BeckyAPitt

        Yes the people that get 4 servings out I half baked either a) don’t need to check the nutrition facts or b) would never buy Ben & Jerry’s…either way, screw them and pass the spoon…better yet dip that spoon in chocolate first, thanks.

  • Dread Pirate Rachel

    At my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, the waiter brought me a birthday shot with whipped cream on top. Despite my general disapproval of sweet drinks, I caved to peer pressure and shot that fucker.

    Yeah, worst idea ever. I nearly projectile vomited from the bizarre texture and syrupy sweetness. Never again!

  • Alexandra Killian

    If he thought getting you to drink double drinks was going to get him that “something other” he was sadly mistaken. Some people are horny drunks. Apparently others just want chips.

  • britbrat

    shiiiiiittt .. sweet chili doritos are what i want to eat for the rest of my life.

  • atouchofyou

    Vodka, Chambord and Kahlua, you say? Those just happen to be my three favorite boozes. Guess I’ll be bugging my boyfriend for Doritos myself, tonight.

  • Von

    You buy Doritos at the drugstore? What do they put in them these days?

  • squirtwv

    if we are going to go there with the various days of menstruation, one can not classify a blanket color coding scheme for all. due to maladies cast upon us, one persons liquid-y deep red is another persons chunky black. don’t hate, you went there first.

    • Katherine Horejsi

      Actually some of us abstained on the grounds of taste and decency. Oh how I wish you had too!

      • Jacques Russell

        Kathleen gurl, save that taste and decency for the foodnetwork.

      • Jacques Russell

        I thought I said decadence like you but we didn’t.
        I’m drunk.
        foodnetwork is dumb.

        • Lauren

          Best. Comment. Ever.

  • Lauren

    Aw, rejected twice? Harsh!

    I now have a craving for Doritos by the way, and I won’t be getting any because I’m already in my fuzzy duckie pajamas.

  • Amanda

    My significant other has banned me from eating Doritos. He says I’m disgusting when eating them. Don’t ask. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever commented because I feel like we are truly bonded over this Doritos nonsense.

  • Caitlin Crane

    Mm spicy Doritos with cheese dip, it’s like an awesome orgasm in your mouth.

  • Karly InAbox

    I’m blown away. It actually looks like it may contain something remotely like the original pin! Congratulations!

  • Pat

    Use vanilla vodka. It’s called a Black Dahlia when you do it that way!