Glue Blackhead Remover

4 Posted by - February 25, 2013 - DIY & Crafts, Hair & Beauty

I love this pin. It’s, like, doing my job for me.

Image from imgur

Image from imgur

I’m pretty sure there’s even a not-too-veiled jizz joke in there.

BUT… I am still skeptical that it actually works, so I tried it myself.

This is a nose:


This is a freshly washed nose:


This is a nose with glue on it:


Heh heh heh heh:


And then I waited for an indeterminate amount of time for it to dry. I don’t really know how long, but probably like half an hour or something. I don’t know. You guys are smart. You’ll figure out when the school glue you squirted on your face has dried appropriately…

The fun part:


Annnnd, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the before and after, wherein I tell you if my pores shrunk to nothing with the magic of school glue…


Sorry guys. I was hoping to report that Reddit and imgur finally found the solution for pores like mine. Fortunately, though, I can continue to store my car keys in them, so there’s that.

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  • SeaLiz

    Facial wash + baking soda. For real, after about 2 days, blackheads go bye-bye. Tastes kinda salty, so it’s also good for jizz references. :)

    • Megan DeForest

      Do you just add the baking soda to any old facial wash that you happen to have? Also, how much do you add?

      • SeaLiz

        Don’t add it to the bottle ( I realize I didn’t make that clear). I use the kind with a pump (heh heh), and so I pump out one squirt in my hand (heh heh), and then add enough baking soda on top of that to cover it. So if the amount is quarter sized, your baking soda amount will be too. I actually keep a restaurant sized Parmesan cheese shaker of it on my bathroom counter. Pump, sprinkle, rub hands together, and rub it into your face for a few minutes and rinse with water. :)

        • Megan DeForest

          Ah, thank you for clearing that up, I’ll have to try this :)

  • Jodee Rose

    I don’t have blackheads in my nose as far as I know, but I might do this just for fun, because I like peeling dried glue off of things.

  • Michele

    It wasn’t about pore reduction, it was about lifting gunk and dirt from your pores. Did that happen?

    • Michelle

      Just what I was thinking. Glad it wasn’t just me. It’s worked plenty of times for me, because I know it isn’t going to reduce the size of my pores, only remove the gunk–exactly like you said.

    • Pintester

      Isn’t the point of cleaning your pores to reduce them in size? In any case, I don’t think either worked. Judge for yourself (pictured above), but they look about the same to me.

      • tocheaptobuyit

        lemon juice concentrate that you buy at the grocery store. wipe your face down with it 3 times a week. after the first couple of times you will see huge difference. I am not even sure I still have pores. Plus it evens out your skin tone.

  • Kristine

    Your pores are not as big as my boyfriend’s… I really got to enjoy how big they were after he drunkenly covered his face in pool chalk. Even after he washed his face, the blue chalk was absorbed into his pores. Giant. Blue. Pores.

  • EmmaBeEmma

    The pic with glue dripping off your nose could totally be an art installation. “Bound Abstraction”. Mesmerizing! And also, jizztastic!

  • CrystalW

    Maybe this weeks fail was reading comprehension? Lol! I don’t see anything about minimizing pores!?

    • Catherine

      What an incredibly rude response! Typically, when some one removes the junk out of their pores, they do get smaller as it is the junk in them that is keeping them so open.

      • CrystalW

        My response was intended to be read light heartedly, as a joke. Not with such rage, Catherine. My apologies if it hurt the feelings of the great pintester.

        • Catherine

          Maybe you fail at reading comprehension considering that 9 hours before your post someone made a similar comment and Sonja responded to it about removing the gunk = shrinking pores. So point your fingers at yourself Crystal.

          • Whuck

            Er, you, my dear, are coming across as the rude one. Calm yo’self.

          • CrystalW

            I stated it was a misunderstanding and apologized. Not sure what else I could do, or why you are being such a douche canoe. I hope you spread that joy through out your entire life…..

          • Cinnamon_Cappel

            I so must use the words douche canoe in my next conversation. Thank you for that. I love it!!

          • CrystalW

            Lol!! Glad you are gonna use it!

  • Piggie4

    you have reallllyyyy pretty eyes!

  • pins&needles

    Wow, grade school flashback! I used to love letting glue dry in my hand so I could peel it off. I had totally forgotten about that small pleasure of childhood; thanks for the reminder! Now that I am a grown-up and can buy my own glue I think I will get a bucket of it and cover my whole body.

  • Brittany Lynne Borden

    The little drawings in the directions freak me out. It’s like Invader Zim decided to create beauty advice.

  • Truffles8761

    What can I say which hasn’t already been said? I got a nice coffee sinus cleanse when you mentioned that you stored your car keys in there. Perhaps you could craft a bud vase.

  • runnergirl126

    I wish I had waited for you to try this for me. I did this about two weeks ago, and it was a Pin fail.

  • Caroline Burkhart Askew

    I was totally hoping for a crazy substitution here. Like duct tape. That would have been beyond comedic, I’m sure.

    • adorablebadger

      The duct tape version of this is actually a thing, if you can believe it!

  • heather jarrell

    Oh I see ive inspired you. :0) im honored !!! nose has made a full recovery

  • tosh96

    Though I loved that you put glue on your nose and invited many jizz jokes that make me laugh…I am still confused as to why this pin even started? I mean why wouldn’t one just buy pore strips? They take the gunk out of your pores = smaller pores. Sometimes I wonder who makes these pins up..I mean I don’t sit on my couch thinking “HEY! If I put glue on my nose, I wonder if it would get rid of blackheads?” But I thank you anyways for the shits and giggles that I got to experience.

    • Jessica Jackson

      I actually thought of the same thing as soon as pore strips were invented and my mom wouldn’t buy me any when I was in middle school. So, yeah, I guess people like me. But I didn’t continue doing it. Mostly because I forgot because I didn’t continue doing it because I didn’t actually get blackheads until years later. (Probably why my mom wouldn’t buy me any.)
      I wouldn’t have imagined that anyone else would have wanted to do it, even then. I would not have told anyone I’d used glue instead of a new expensive beauty product, but I guess DIY is more in now. Maybe I should make pins of things I figured out you can do when I was in middle school. Diet tips: Don’t eat breakfast or lunch, just snacks and dinner! Body art: You can draw on yourself with Milky Pens!

    • adorablebadger

      Pore strips are fucking expensive, that’s why.

  • Michelle Parsneau

    I want a picture of the glue post-peel off with the gunk sticking up out of it. I always check the strips for the evidence, instead of my nose. :D

  • Sarah McMullin

    I am a card carrying member of the giant pores club. And by that I mean I can actually carry business cards in my pores.

  • Cinnamon_Cappel

    I actually do this and have for a long time. I always see the junk on the glue after I remove it from my nose. My pores shrink but not until the next day, or a good soak in cold water.

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    Omg it didn’t work because those aren’t black heads they are enlarged pores.

  • Briana Danielle Hmua

    The gelatin and milk pore strips work well, but nothing reduces the size of your pores except maybe botox lol. Once they’re stretched you’re stuck with them until they develop a cream that shrinks skin or something.. pores get stretched by holding dirt, so unless youre young and continually keep your pores clean then it’s inevitable.

    • Cassandra Turcotte

      Botox won’t shrink your pores. Botox essentially paralyzes your muscles, to prevent/get rid of wrinkles. I like the gelatin and milk pore strips, I also have tried the single ply paper towel covered in egg white. Let it dry with the egg white on it and peel off. Works decently and there’s no worries about stuff dripping off your nose, unless you soak the paper towel too much.

  • Carla Runnalls-Lord

    You need to try the gelatin/milk one – totally works – and yes it still looks odd dripping from your nose…

  • Nicole

    Has anybody tried the gelatin/milk pin? DO NOT DO IT! While the resulting goo is definitely sticky it also looks/smells like demon puke. I can’t put this on my face….

    • Leighann Marie

      I actually like that one! It does smell gross, but I’ve had success with it. or at least my skin is soft after

  • Danielle McGaw

    Hey Sonja. I just had to tell you that you are cracking my shit up this morning. I’ve been up all night (It’s 6 am here) and I don’t know if you are really that funny or I am really that tired but…well, thanks anyway. I gotta pin your site to my browser so that when I get up to think about maybe writing something in about 6 hours I can check and see if you’re still funny.

    BTW found your blog while reading Whiskey Pissing Unicorns. BEST book for freelancers that I’ve read in a long time and I will be writing a review on my blog…when I get up in 6 hours or so. :)

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  • ClassyBitch

    At least you didn’t have an allergic reaction to the glue! Unfortunately I found out the hard way: bright red blister face + blackheads!!