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0 Posted by - March 14, 2013 - Hair & Beauty, Videos

Hi guys! A whole bunch of you asked for a tutorial on how I did my hair in the portmanteau video, so here it is! This one’s not a fail, per se, but you asked for it, and I shall deliver.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

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  • Kasie Strickland

    Very Jane Austin-ey. I like.

  • Kelly Williams

    Just saw a pin that says you can keep hair from growing by rubbing the areas with coffee grounds and baking soda.

  • Becky

    Ooo, I like, I like

  • Katie!


  • LCraft

    Just did my hair this way for an event tonight. It looks fabulous. Thanks Pintester, for helping me un-fuckup my hair!

  • Franziska Külbel

    Just a disclaimer: I had some wine, snakebite and cider when I wrote this, just to let you know. This may sound weird, as I am a bit tipsy but I love, love, love your blog! You seem like such a nice person and – as I asked about your hairstyle – I felt as if you cared about my wish to read a post about it so thank you. So looking forward to more fucked up posts, keep on pinning!

  • Truffles8761

    Brilliant. I’m loving the burp and bonus burp. If you wrap those pieces around a headband and let them dry, you’ll have lovely non frizzy curls that last for days. There’s a pin for it and I’ve already mentioned it somewhere. I look like an utter and total dork queen when I do it but it’s worth it. BTW, I’ve got you on my feedly. (Insert raucous humor here.)

  • jjgrl55

    Okay, watching this on mute with closed captioning is the greatest. The captions cannot figure out what words you are slurring out. “Just think year index finger in between an iron. Forgive that man is supposed to recruits as you can get. And you just kind of
    crab boat pieces that western.” Almost as nonsensical as actual Pinterest tutorials!

    • LittleChestnut

      I had no idea closed captioning on youtube videos was a thing! Now it is my new favorite thing! I foresee hours of procrastination now that I know about it.

    • Jen Kistner

      that was awesome with captions on!

  • Joy Lu Vasquez

    I thought this was cool. I figured since my hair is fairly long, it would turn out stunning. I thought I could handle this…. I was wrong. Apparently I forgot who I was and as I attempted to do this, it turned out horribly, completely a mess. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, My hair knotted up and I ended up with more dreadlocky things than pretty twists. I fail as a girl

  • PanyaV

    I literally burped at the exact moment of the burp at the beginning of the video & thought, ‘Wha… that’s not what my burps sound like…’

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I followed your tutorial and did my hair like this today and got TWO compliments (as opposed to the usual zero). One said she could never do something like that and the other wanted instructions. I don’t normally come to your site for instructions on how to actually get things done, but I’ll take it! Thanks.

  • Brooke Emshoff

    Hey there! First – that was super awesome, I constantly feel like I cannot ever do that wrap around thing with my bangs. I’ll practice. (I’m much better at doing updos!)

    Second – what might be cute since your hair is super layered, is to put your hair half-up and make a bun, then make the lower hair into a bun too. You would look like you had a lot more hair, and your layers would lay together with each other seamlessly. (Well, mostly seamlessly!)

    Third – (I’m on a roll, sorry!), if you want a fuller bun at the bottom, you could always split your hair into two smaller buns on the bottom, and then make your little buns come together. I always try to take pieces from either side and wrap them to the other bun.

    Fourth – (last one, I promise!) you could always do this backwards, i.e. start from your ear, and work up to the top of your head, then make a fun ponytail/bun thing. I dunno though. That may be a little too much.

  • V Scott

    I can do this! I tried it and actually did it! I did it in bed dry style. Tonight, I go for hot and wet.

  • Amanda

    I have actually wanted to be able to do my hair like this forever, but never could figure out the right words to google it (at least not while I was actively at the computer — I’m sure the right words occurred when I was in the bathroom or somewhere else). I’ve now managed to waste at least 30 minutes practicing my technique much to my husband’s despair. Thanks, Sonja!