Jello Oranges

0 Posted by - March 6, 2013 - Food & Drink

Since my Jello disaster of New Year’s Eve, I haven’t felt much like venturing back into the delightfully jiggly world of gelatin shots, but these Jello oranges were just the thing to motivate me back into it.

Image from SugarSoiree

Image from SugarSoiree

All you need are oranges and Jello. And vodka, if you’re me.

Also if you are me, you need a way to take selfies of holding oranges in front of your boobs. I failed… unless my boobs really are that low…


Slice your oranges in half.


And then you can either scoop out the pulp or juice it. I scooped, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up using a knife to go around the edges and then scooping the rest out with a spoon.


And, not to worry, I ate all that deliciousness for breakfast.

I also might have sampled a little of this for breakfast. (What? Chef’s prerogative.)


I made some Jello and added some vodka.


And then I carefully– so carefully– poured it into the oranges. Not carefully enough though.


Womp womp. And moving it into the refrigerator proved to be another messy proposition. One of the oranges tipped almost all the way over, but I had a little extra Jello, so I filled it back up after I got it in the fridge.


I left it all day to, er… become solid or whatever it is that Jello does when you leave it alone.

My sweet little niece came by in the afternoon to drop off my Girl Scout cookies, and I almost offered her some Jello orange slices, but then I remembered they had vodka in them and I probably shouldn’t send her home drunk.

Auntie of the year award.

They came out a little messy…


But I persevered.

And they turned out resoundingly… meh.

On the plus side, they taste like Jello and have vodka in them. But they were kind of a lot of work for funny-looking Jello-in-orange-peels.


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  • Sarah LeeAnn Stalcup

    but you DID it!!!

  • Jodee Rose

    I hope you ate them with the “orange smile” method. It somehow seems the appropriate way to eat orange jello shot slices.

  • D

    Wow. just… Wow. The way you sliced that sh*t

  • pins&needles

    Everybody sing! “Do… Your… Boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?”

    • Angela

      “Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?” LOL!

  • Mel Bratz

    I wonder if you would have less wobbly orange halves to fill up if you used a muffin tin, instead of a glass pyrex dish. That way they would sit down in the muffin cups and not tip, and maybe be more stable on the way into the fridge. They look awesome!

    • Breenah

      You’re a genius.

    • Koalawala

      That’s what I do, I make these all the time!

    • Allison D

      I was going to say the same thing

    • Jessica Leigh Lunsford

      That’s smart! I was just thinking I’d personally make doughnut shapes out of tin foil to prop them up!

    • Tina Tome

      or maybe take a little slice from the bottom to flatten it out.

  • Amy

    I call this a pinterest win! And they would be great for a party!

  • Anna

    These would be perfect for a grown up soccer game at half time.

  • Quill

    You’ve had a awful lot of Pinterest wins lately. Are you sure you’re still trying to fuck the up? ;)

  • PyroCrashtic

    Dang – when I tried it – they looked like SHIT! RAINBOW SHIT! Unicorn w/ the runs shit….

  • DaisyDesigner

    I don’t understand how the original recipe didn’t have vodka? I didn’t even know you could make jello without vodka!

    • Tina Tome

      Why slice? *grabs my oranges and a spoon* Vodka and knives (and me) don’t mix, lol.

  • Noey

    Step 1: Replace vodka with tequila.

    Step 2: Replace jello with margarita mix.

    Step 3: ?

    Step 4: Profit from…….. drunkenly making jello oranges and selling them for $1 a piece? I have no idea. I just really want a margarita.

    • Katykersh

      I’m with you!!!

  • Raylisha G

    Looks better than my moms attempt at my graduation party lol she gave up and put aside “grown up” jello in the fridge.

  • Jade

    This didn’t turn out badly at all, actually! I’m proud of you ;)

  • Katherine Horejsi

    And you’ve discovered another dish you can take to cast parties…just add a pirate sail or flag or something.

  • Jaybes

    When I saw saw the final product, before I read the post, I said out loud “Oh, you did it!”

  • atouchofyou

    Oh my gosh, they actually worked! I’m also impressed that slicing through the rind didn’t fuck up the jello. I’m convinced that will happen when I try these…

  • Cheryl Lynn

    In honor of your success, I went to check my kitchen for ingredients. Vodka, check! Jello, no. Oranges, no… I still call this a winning situation.

  • Lexy Lawrence

    Not being a “hip grandma” may I ask how much vodka did you put in the bowl of jell-o?
    I know it’s an individual kind of thing but just wondering what YOU did.
    Do you then minus that from the water amount? Must Try

    • Pintester

      I replaced half the cold water with vodka, so there’s half a cup of vodka in there. They’re not super strong. You could replace all the cold water instead.

  • Miranda

    My daughter makes these for parties she goes to (with out Vodka because I don’t want to go to jail for contributing to a bunch of 15 year old’s) and she sticks them in a jumbo muffin tin, that way they don’t roll around in the dish…then we freeze the insides in vinegar to grind up in the disposal. This was the first thing we ever made off Pintrest too! And a BIG Way To Go for all the wins!!

    • Katykersh

      Why do you freeze the insides in vinegar? Why not just eat it? Just curious….and what does freezing in vinegar do with helping the disposal? I’m confused. LOL

      • Tina Tome

        probably for sanitizing purposes…

  • Kalli

    My friend and I made these for a party a few years ago (before Pinterest! I think I found the recipe from StumbleUpon). Anyway, they were kind of hard to make but we just ate the jello that spilled on the baking sheet with a spoon after they set, ’cause you know waste not want not. They were a big hit at the party and we got really drunk so it was a win!

  • Abby

    Can I just say that even if they turned out “meh” they still look like the actual real life thing? That may be a first, dude. Imma call this a win.

  • ryanres1

    Hi there, LOVE the site – it’s so fun. I was thinking just the other night that you should add two buttons to your top menu bar, one for pins that go well and one for pins that fail. pin wins and pin bombs? Something fun like that… anyways because it’d be cool to be able to go see what went well all in one spot : )
    keep up the good work!
    PS: your laundry video: best. thing. ever.

  • Truffles8761

    Looks good to me. When will you be dropping those by for my quality control test?

  • Joy Lu Vasquez

    I’ve been wanting to try this one, but I have this little issue…. whenever I start making jello, I tend to drink the jello…juice?broth? liquid shit… before it makes the pan. Pretty sure I’ve scalded my throat on a few occassions as well.

    • HisBabygirl

      ^^This^^ makes me smile! When I was a child, my mom, who was a nurse by profession, would give us “jello water” to drink when we had sore throats. The gelatin coats the throat and soothes it. Doubt it works if one drinks it at throat-scalding temperature though, hehe! Thanks for the memories!

  • katykersh

    I’m totally trying this now! I had this pinned and was gonna give it a try but thought it wouldn’t work out and would waste my time. Thanks Pintester for trying out pins for us. This one you didn’t fuck up!!! Awesomeness.

  • D&DsMummy

    My favorite part of this Pinteste is the last line of the original pin – “Serve on a platter and blow people’s minds!” Really?
    These would require glitter or bacon in ‘em to blow MY mind. Just sayin’…

    • Brenna Terranova

      I actually made jello shots with food glitter once. It was pretty mindblowing, except for that we were all about 18 and just downed them too quickly to care that there was glitter. But now I look back and think of myself as ridiculously crafty. And good looking.

  • Melissa

    I was having an extremely stressful day. Any time I do, I go to your site. Just like that my day is filled with butter and orange flavored vodka jello slices and suddenly I feel 10 times better!

  • Amanda James

    I tried this with limes and had about the same luck. It’s messy and hard to scoop out the insides. As pretty as they look I don’t think it’s worth all the trouble.

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  • Katie Marlin

    I made these for my daughter’s rainbow-themed birthday party. I used a muffin tin and still managed to spill a bit. They turned out fine, but no one really ate them. Bastards.

    • Brenna Terranova

      Vodka and all?

  • ThetaSigma

    You keep brightening my day *goofy smile*. I’m stuck in bed with a kidney infection (the doctor was like, “Don’t want to worry you, but if you’re not careful, it’ll get in your blood and you’ll be staying here for a bit, so BED REST AND FLUIDS for 2 days, then TAKE IT EASY (so I’m going to go to work and stay in bed for the rest of the time)”. Anyway, I’m loopy and miserable (loopy because of meds, miserable because PAIN) and you’re making me smile and laugh today and you may get comments in this strain on like half your blog this week, but I really want you to know how much you’ve done for me without even knowing it! (I lost it at the orange boobs :D)