The Pintester Movement: Craft All The Things!

6 Posted by - May 30, 2013 - Pintester Movement

Welcome to the very first time we’ve ever tried The Pintester Movement! The idea is that a bunch of bloggers and crafters from around the interwebs all got together and decided to take on a craft or project we’ve been putting off because we’ve been too scared to do it. This is our excuse and our motivation to get it done!

We’ve gathered our supplies (whether they be pallets, candy thermometers, hot glue guns, or what-have-you) and we’ve crafted our little butts off… sometimes with less than stellar results. But we’re going to own those results, and make our fellow crafters giggle with glee at all of our attempts. (If you still want to participate, email me and I’ll send you instructions. Only caveat is that your post has to be up and a link has to be emailed to me by midnight Eastern tonight!)


Without further ado (and inspirational blah-blah-ing from me), I present to you The Pintester Movement participants! Keep checking back throughout the day! I’ll be adding more links as they come in! Please visit and comment! Bloggers love that stuff, mayn. (If you’re a participant and you don’t see your link up here, it means I didn’t get it. Send it to me!) (And, yes, some of the links are broken because the posts haven’t gone up yet. Hang in there and keep checking back!)

Featured bloggers! I asked these ladies to be my featured posters for The Pintester Movement. Thanks much, ladies!

1. Brittany Gibbons from hilarious mommy blog Brittany Herself participated with this awesome Jell-o Puddin Pop Revival!

Are Brittany's kids not the most stinkin' cute? Like I bet you can literally smell the adorable on them.

Are Brittany’s kids not the most stinkin’ cute? Like I bet you can literally smell the adorable on them.

2. Amber Doty from the team over at (who some of our participants are using as their “blog” platform) sent us a look at her attempted shot glasses. And her email concluded, “I’m drunk now.” You’re my kinda woman, Amber.

I'm sure they look better when you're drunk.

I’m sure they look better when you’re drunk.

3. Marquette and Emilee from Pinstrosity decided to do peacock feather canvases and a lampshade! So fun, thanks ladies!

LOVE the orange, gurrl.

LOVE the orange, gurrl.

4. My friend and fellow blogger Heather from CraftFail took on the ubiquitous Sharpie mug.

Epic fail? You'll have to read the post to find out...

Epic fail? You’ll have to read the post to find out…

Lots more bloggers!

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And here are our participants!


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