Ways to Tie a Scarf

5 Posted by - May 31, 2013 - Videos, Women's Apparel

My lovely assistant and I are going to show you different ways to tie a scarf today. (If you can’t see the video, click here!)

Don’t forget to check out The Pintester Movement from yesterday! It was a smashing success, even if some of the tests were fails. There are so many fantastic blog posts to pick from. This will keep you busy for a while, guys.

Vampire Cover B (s)Also, shameless plug moment: My writing partner and I just finished a brand new book all about how to get your book published! It’s called Vampires and Tantric Sex: How to Publish Your Book Like a Bona Fide Badass. We have it on good authority that it’s our best book yet. Well, fine, Lisa’s husband said that, and she’s sleeping with him, so, you know, he sort of has to be nice to her, but still. It’s good. You guys will like it. OH! OH! And it’s FREE, at least until June 3, so get yer hands on it quick!

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  • http://thewrongdrum.wordpress.com/ Jeanette Diaz

    Wooo! Vampires and Tantric Sex! Just in time for my birthday!

    I’ve really been enjoying these books.

  • http://twitter.com/kward3 Katie!

    HAHA! I was watching this loud enough my dog heard ‘treat’ and ‘good girl’ so she hurled herself down the hallway and straight into my table (she’s blind). So, thanks a lot for that. No really, this whole thing (including your adorable video) was very entertaining.

  • John Kyle Chalmers

    “When working with animals always drink a lot!”- Bahahahaha best line hands down! I have a better plan, we could just drink whenever we work with anything. Whatsoever. In the loosest sense of the word ‘working’! Keep on keeping on with this truly awesome blog!

  • JMY

    Love the assistant – hope she appears in more posts! (The blog is great too – very funny!).

  • Nadine

    Awww your adorable assistant is very patient. Mine would have given up on me a lot earlier. Every time you said good girl, their ears perked up. However, just like with me, when you said sit – they played dumb.

  • Dawn

    I love your assistant!! FYI…those stupid little rectangle ads that pop up randomly on videos…yeah, the oneon your video was about being a good Christian and abstaining from alcohol and sex. Hmmm…

    • Katherine Horejsi

      That’s the best bit of irony I’ve heard in a good long while!

  • http://cupcakearoo.tumblr.com/ Becky

    Sydney looks (almost!) like my dog! They could certainly pass for sisters :-) Loved the post, too!

  • http://diaryofawahm.blogspot.com/ A. B. England

    Ooh, good timing! I’m publishing my first novel on the 20th.

  • Whiskeygirl7

    By far my new favorite video!!! All future videos should involve you with alchy and your puppy! The combo is absolutely adorable!

  • KimB

    You are now required to incorporate alcohol and your puppy in every video forever. Don’t blame me, you did it to yourself. (ha.) :D

  • Heather

    The best part was your slurred words talking about the Pintester Movement. And the agonizing decision faced by your dog: “I really want a treat, but I’m pretty much over the scarves”

  • kelley

    I tried recreating the scarf styles on my cat. The doctors say there will be no permanent damage, and I’m expected to get out of the hospital in a few days. The cat, OTOH, has opted to move out.

  • Judith Fain Davis

    Best. Assistant. Ever.

  • Sunflowercake

    I love how Sydney looked at the camera and at you for the slip knot! She is a great assistant

  • Kelly724

    I love how scarfs are a summer trend. That makes total sense, Pinterest.
    Cute assistant.

  • Sheila

    This was a really lame Pintester. You couldn’t even see some of the knots being done. You can’t pull the scarf over my eyes! This was clearly only an excuse to drink. Oh, and your makeup looks fabulous.

    • Lifeloveandthepursuitofmakeup

      This comment is kinda rude……

      • Sheila

        OK, now read it with a different inflection. Snarky and poke fun at inflection. Like a lot of Sonja’s humor. It wasn’t meant to be rude. I LOVE Sonja.

  • Christina Jacobs

    Aww! Love Sydney!

  • Starling

    The look on Sydney’s face at the 2:17 mark made me LOL for real. It was the “Someone help me” desolate stare. Please feature her in every single thing you do in the future that doesn’t involve fire.

  • Joy Lu Vasquez

    THe look she gives towards the middle screams: “In the Arms of an Angel…. Fly Away” Hello I’m Sarah Mclachlan and I’m here to ruin your day….

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