DIY Gel Nails

5 Posted by - June 5, 2013 - Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Videos

Time for a brand new cocknails! I’m trying out a DIY gel manicure today. Enjoy! (If you can’t see the video, click here!)

The real tutorial on DIY gel nails is at

Long island ice tea recipe came from

Here’s an update on how they look after 6 days!

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  • Kari Hemba

    Just award me Mother of the Year…when my 5 yo hears the fart sound of your videos she comes and we watch them together! She says you are “so silly!”

    • KimJ

      Your kid is way cooler than mine, when I started the video she said “mom, it’s too LOUD!” haha

  • Erin Berube

    I love your dog.

  • UninspiredRequiredName

    Really hoping you don’t get a hangover. I remember the last time I was drinking Long Island Iced Teas…sort of. Mostly I remember wanting to die the next day. Did a great job on your nails though, I don’t even do that good a job sober.

  • Chelsea

    Definitely glad you drunk edited! This is awesome!

  • Katherine Horejsi

    All of my best adventures have started with Long Island Iced Tea. And a couple of good buddies. But mostly it was the Tea!!

  • Morgan

    Yum, long island iced tea. Perfect compliment to painting nails!

  • Rachel B

    pretty nail color too!!!

  • Emily P

    This is the first time I’ve seen you have all the correct ingredients to make something…Of course it would be for a cocktail! :p

    • rfoust

      If you’re gonna do something right, it might as well involve liquor :)

    • Pintester

      I actually was supposed to have light rum but I subbed in spiced rum… But no one has to know…

  • Miss Ginger Grant

    Now you will have to master the “Long Beach Iced Tea!” And press-on nails, gurl! Way easier!

  • Guest

    One word….straw.

  • Tish Montez

    One word…..straw.

  • amie

    I like it…I might totally try it. On a side note, and just because I know you like to be thorough, are you aware that you look at yourself on your screen waaaay too often? it’s kinda distracting. Otherwise, lovely job. :)

  • KimJ

    Dude, Long Island Ice Tea’s are my jam. But when you were like “Imma drink this in three minutes!” I was all “oh, honey” but I found myself cheering you on anyway. :)

  • rebeccajo

    Cant wait to hear the results!!!
    I thought I was going to throw up watching you drink that so fast… UGH!
    & you are getting more awesome… that’s always the answer!

  • Lindzola

    “I don’t know if its cuz I’m drunk or cuz I’m awesome”
    This needs to be on a t-shirt!

  • Miranda Englesby

    Was this a success?

  • Renlish

    Sonja… you look decidedly sexy in this video. You’ve got this Reverse Rogue-from-Xmen thing going on… I like. Very much.

    No, I haven’t been drinking.

  • Eleni

    Lol I love how confused your doggie looks in the background. And I always thought a long island ice tea always had, well, ice tea in it. Huh.

  • Kimberley Harvey Pierce

    Loved it! Was it a pass or a fail?

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  • Andrea

    I enjoy that the commercial for this is Malibu rum

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  • Everyday Brunette

    You are so awesome. That is all.

  • Liz

    Lol. I like the line”I’m getting faster – I don’t know if its because I’m drunk or because I’m awesome”

    • thatpandabitca

      I read that as “I’m getting tastier.” I totally had to reread it cuz I was like “I don’t remember her saying that.”

  • MsDredd

    Bravo!! you did waaaaay better than me after a 1st long island iced tea. I fell up some stairs, cussed out my coworkers and cried for 45 minutes about a goldfish that died when I was 12 (fit shaced). Love your videos! Later!!

  • Jennmarie68

    Long Island Ice Tea – Yummy. But what’s even better is a Long Island Pink Lemonade – which is the same till the last ingredient. Add watermelon pucker instead of Coke. You’re basically drinking a glass of alcohol – but after you finish one of them you don’t really care :-) They’re expensive as hell at the bar but they are so worth it!

  • bigrockpaperco

    I notice how the second drink has less ice… and that’s alright.

  • Katie Gay

    I tried painting my dominant hand first today and IT WORKED! MAGIC!

  • Celimar Valentin Rodriguez

    Tried this yesterday with Out The Door top coat because my beauty supply was out of Seche Vite. Dried really fast and nails are super shiny. Manicure looks expensive! Hopefully, this will last!!

  • CallistaS

    You can buy the Red Carpet Nail kit on sometimes for half off, and it only takes 45 seconds for each coat to cure.

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  • Christina Jacobs

    I don’t remember coke being an ingredient in Long Island Iced Tea, I thought it was all booze. Maybe it’s a different recipe from the one I had!