Gel Nails Chip Update

1 Posted by - June 10, 2013 - Hair & Beauty

Last week I did a video tutorial on how to do your own version of shellack nail polish at home. (If you missed it, check it out. I also drank TWO Long Island iced teas.)

That was Wednesday last week, and the first tiny chip in the nail polish showed up on Friday:

first chip

I’m pleased to say, though, that the manicure still looks pretty darn great. Today is Monday and between Wednesday and now I’ve done lots of chip-causing activities, including making 150 name badges, washing my hair, putting sheets on the bed, and doing a fucking terrible medicine ball workout.

But, here, you be the judge. Here’s my manicure on Day 6 (Monday) (I’m counting Wednesday as Day 1.):

DIY shellack mani day 6

And that’s my right (dominant) hand, so I’d say that’s pretty darn impressive. I’m going to leave it on for another week, I think, and see how it does. If I can make it two weeks with it relatively intact, I will be uber impressed. Usually my manicures last a week before they look terrible and I have no doubt that this one will still be lookin’ pretty sweet tomorrow at the 1-week mark.

I did crack the actual nail of the index finger on my left hand. (God knows how– I just noticed it one day, kind of like the phantom bruises I get everywhere. Maybe I sleepwalk.) So I’ll probably repair that so it doesn’t crack all the way across and make me cut my nail short. That’s not cheating, right?

Anyway, A+++++ so far on this shit. I love it. (Nobody paid me to say that, but I would accept money if you’re listening, Gelous people… Heh.)

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  • Chelsea

    You have the nicest looking nails. I wouldn’t blame you for trying to “cheat” or save your nails. Two thumbs up

  • kduvall

    I curious to know if your nails turn yellow after you take off the polish.

  • Julie Guyon

    Good to know!

  • Lesley Svrcek

    What was the brand of the base coat?

    • Pintester

      Gelous. The link is at the bottom of the post.

  • Kim

    Can I request one more update where you explain how you took that shit off how your nails looked underneath?

    • Pintester

      Yeah, I’ll definitely do another one!

  • rebeccajo

    Oh Lawdy… you’re going to have a butt load of people visiting their site now. I was wondering how it went.. because I did my nails Saturday & they’re already chipped…not even 48 hours have my nails lasted (not using Gelous btw)

  • rndoblio

    Ahhhh! You have a fetus hand picture!

  • Whuck

    Hey, you could pintest the broken nail repair with a tea bag (plus that will give you plenty of jokes to use)! Link-

  • Miss Ginger Grant

    Press-on nails= it’s the only way to go!

  • Unfit Parent

    My nails hate being painted more than Vince Neil hates Axl Rose. Every time I paint them, they start cracking & peeling and then I cry into my wine glass as I sing softly & rub lotion into them.

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  • Mandiemercedes

    I thought a gel manicure was one that had to be cured with either a led or uv light, thats how its done in salons and with the in home gel kits I see (sally hansen and sensational) . So isnt this just a good base/top coat?

  • scrapendipity

    Impressive! I just might have to unlazy myself and try this one. Thanks for the great review and your nails look fabby!

  • Chelsea

    I got mine done in a salon the day before I left for Germany last month and they lasted exactly twelve days- they started to chip the day before I left to come back home. I was satisfied with that, I suppose. Good to know I can do it at home and get almost as good a result, since it’s VERY rare that I have time to go to the salon these days!

  • Sarah

    You do not understand how much I love this! I’m 14 and I HATE going to salons ( I know, give me the teenage girl failure award) and so the fact that I can do this at home and it be just as great is AMAZING.