Cocknails: Chocolatini and Chevron Manicure

3 Posted by - July 24, 2013 - Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Videos

My guest for today’s episode of Cocknails is my husband, Robbie. So now you can all stop asking if I am married and what my husband looks like. It’s ok with me, though, if you continually remind him how lucky he is to have nabbed a great catch like me. (If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Here’s the link to the original chevron nails tutorial.

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  • Ashley Chesson

    I have the same WEIRD thing about people filing or clipping around my drink. nail dust is not a good cocktail ingredient :-D

  • Kate

    picture of the not so finished product?

    • Pintester

      Nope. Forgot to take one. But you’re not missing much, promise.

  • Kate George

    That was fucking hilarious! You should invite your husband more often.

  • emjaygee

    You two are so freaking cute. Also where is your Hubby’s shirt from I need it for my hubby!

    • Pintester

      It’s a Splunk t-shirt (has a company logo on the back)… So I guess you have to know someone at Splunk?

      • FluffyGirl

        I KNOW someone at Splunk!

        • emjaygee

          Erm, I’m in New Zealand :(

          • MooGz

            Me too, emjaygee. Head along to your local tshirt printing place and get one made…that’s what I did for my hubby when he wanted the “i’m too esxi for my shirt” shirt

  • UninspiredRequiredName

    You guys are great :) You remind me of me and my Husband, we’re ridiculously goofy.

  • Jen Barbati

    This video was hilarious! Robbie is the best – you two are perfect for each other! I loved his “file” and his “knife” — such a man thing to do. Robbie needs to be in all your videos.

  • Kim

    Loved Robbie in the video with you.

  • rfoust


  • Terri Beth Childers

    oh my gawd! You should really find something where he can use that knife :-)
    I confess, I watched the slow motion-dog barking-booze spilling part over and over again.

  • Ken Dempsey

    I have to say that was awesome. You two are so alike… Okay, now you will have to have him make more special appearances now.

  • kittnen

    I love it when nerds fall in love. You guys made me giggle a lot. Reminds me of me and my nerdy hubs. Love it.

  • DeepFriedYankee

    Chevron is over rated, but your husband is an awesome drink shaker!

  • Cara

    Sorry about the nails, but the drink sounds DELICIOUS. The only thing that can make a glass of chocolate milk better is if it’s made almost entirely of alcohol and has none of those pesky nutritional benefits!.

    Love me some amaretto and anything…


  • Liesel Adams

    This video… Priceless. Brightened my god awful Very mondayish wednesday!

  • Barbara Gibbs

    Best video ever. :D

  • Sandi Boyd

    My daughter would say your hubs is totes adorbs! But since she is 10 and not allowed to watch your vids, I borrowed her verbiage, lol! I don’t know WHY she isn’t allowed to watch your vids…lord knows I use worse language than you do…Anyway, he was a great guest! And I thoroughly enjoyed the slow-motion replay of the dog-bark-drink-spillage (of course, except for the carnage of the loss of alcohol!). Great cocknails!

  • Alex

    He’s funny too–you guys make a great team!

  • Nicole

    Please do more with your husband. You’re hilarious but together you guys are even better!

  • Katie C.

    Love this! You two make a great team! :) I laughed out loud several times. People stared, but that’s okay.

  • Amanda

    He was cracking me up! Reminds me of how my husband acts when he’s bored.

    As for the nails, I did a different tape design with mine and the ends of the tape curled up within hours and got caught on everything. It was not worth my time, energy, or polish.

  • Kelly724

    Robbie’s big file kind of impressed me. Just saying.

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  • FuzzySkittles

    OMFG!!! You have to do more videos with your husband!! The last time I laughed that hard was when watching your video of trying to cut the glass bottle with twine and fire!! Thank you so much for always making me laugh! I love you Pintester and family!!! :D

  • Amanda

    You’re husband is so funny!! You two are an awesome team!!

  • Kim

    Absolutely hilarious!!! Great video!

  • Jill

    If anyone were to ever ask why you married your husband, reference this video. You 2 were made for each other. More husband pintests!!!

  • Renlish

    I want your husband. In the best possible way. (To make me chocolate-themed cocktails.)

  • Dar Hamill

    Oh my god, laughing from crying! You two make a great team! :)

  • Regina

    Thumbs up for Robbie. :)

  • Amy

    Oh my word, woman!!! I snorted tea out my nose all over lappy (my trusty laptop) This was beyond funny. I want to hang out with you and Robbie and cannot wait to show muy husband the best Cocknails ever once he gets home!!!!!!

  • Allison

    Haha! Your relationship is like mine. When we get married, we will be you! Of course, we already are, except without rings n shit.

  • Ria

    I’ve never seen you on video before but you’re sooooo pretty! This was so hilarious, you guys are adorable. Love the dog bark/drink spill debacle!

  • Tra Lala Former IT Geek

    This was great. I think you should definitely have more Robbie in your videos. Also, I want his shirt.

  • BrittanyP

    I love the honesty!!!!! It’s a refreshing feel from all the sugar coated bs online

  • Ash.

    Too funny! You and Robbie have great on-screen chemistry.

  • KimJ

    Best on-screen team award!

  • JenG

    Omg I love your husband! Fantastic! This really is the best yet!

  • LondonMarriott

    You guys are hilarious and perfect for each other.

  • Staciehew

    “So that’s like gas stations?” Exactly what my partner said when I called him from Hobby Lobby asking if chevron fabric would be good for our livingroom curtains. Men, amirite. They think they’re sooo funny.

  • Bitsy_29

    I laughed so hard everyone in the library turned around and looked at me. Guess I’m supposed to work while I’m here?? LOL

  • Kaelyn Paige Allen

    Wait! You didn’t show us what they looked like! How am I supposed to know if they’re really not good, or just kind of not good?

  • Jonsmom

    Your husband is awesome!

  • kraykay

    I love the many faces of your husband.

  • Cassie

    your husband is funny and goofy. he makes a good guest star. you seem unamused by his antics though :P

  • Craig Thom

    Your husband seems very nice, and I still think he’s a lucky guy, but I hope you don’t want children, because I’m pretty sure his testicles shriveled away when he drank that girlie beverage.

  • Adie

    You guys are cute together ^.^

  • Tracibub

    That was my most favorite cocknails episode yet!!! :D MOAR HUSBAND!! :)

  • ChickieD

    So cute! I personally do not like these incredibly sweet drinks but for a girly night it would do. I prefer to just get straight up hammered when I drink. I like your husband in the video – super fun.

  • Christine

    That was great!

  • Shenanigans

    You guys are adorable!

  • mary

    hubby is cute, how do you let him out of your sight?

  • liz

    You guys are sort of all kinds of adorable!

  • Lisa Moorefield

    Oh that was all sorts of funny. :)

  • Heather Church

    You guys are perfect for each other!!

  • Ryan Perkins

    Okay, I have to tell you that the first night I discovered you I totally alienated my kids by spending the night (movie night at home) on the computer, I read every single existing post and I now check back every day to see if you have something to brighten my day! Tonight is my first night watching the videos as we have just gotten new computer speakers, and you are even more hilarious on camera! I must say that you are also VERY pretty and I am insanely jealous of your confidence. :D Keep on with what you’re doing, it’s a huge success!


    • Pintester

      Well you are just the sweetest! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad I come across as confident, because mostly I have to get drunk to forget I am in front of a camera and everyone is going to be LOOKING AT THIS GAH NO I MUST HIIIIIIDE.

  • Rebecca Amos

    So my dog just went ape-shit when your dog barked. But on the brightside of that, it got his lazy ass off my couch :) Also, I’m pretty sure your husband is a distant relative of my brother-in-law…exactly the same.

  • Jessika Renay

    “What the fuck is that?” LOL

  • thatpandabitca

    Omg you guys are such a cute couple and you can tell that you’re right for eachother!

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