Cocknails: Dark & Stormy and Galaxy Nails

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My special guest this week is my friend Amy! Not only is she great at manicures, but she also made friends with my insane dog who hates people in general. We drank and had lots of fun and I hope you enjoy it. We’re trying out dark & stormies and also galaxy nails. (If you can’t see the video, click here!)

Dark & stormy recipe:
Galaxy nails tutorial:
Indie Blogger nail polish from piCture pOlish:
Buy the “I Hate Glitter” t-shirt:

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  • Becky

    I need that shirt for next year: “Fuck nebulas, it’s Shark Week!”

  • FluffyGirl

    Balls, balls, balls! You make me laugh, oh Pintester!

  • Evan-the-girl

    I currently have galaxy nails! AND rum, vernor’s ginger ale, and limes. Yeah!! Cause it has been the opposite of stormy here recently.

    • Pintester

      Love them!

  • Cara

    That was hysterical. I love that it just dissolves into balls, belching, bird calls. The hallmarks of fantastic videos.


  • Ann

    Can Amy be in every one of these videos?! You 2 together are hilarious. Your videos are already funny but I think Amy brings out something in you. It’s great.

  • Ingrid Maria Kiefer Alonso

    That “burp” noises were not necessary.

    • Sarah Andrus

      not necessary, but funny

  • Sandi Boyd

    I am totally jealous of your abilities to burp. I cannot burp. I have never been able to burp, even as a baby. At some point of the video, I thought, “now they’re just showing off,” but still, I watched in total admiration! :-) This is one nail art thing I might even be willing to try! I think I could even do this. By the way – I tried the “scarf as a vest” thing for a pool cover up the other day, and it worked – I think I figured out where you made your mis-step. I would have done it for the Pintester Movement 2, but I don’t have a blog. I may have to make one for the next movement, lol! Drink on, ladies!

  • movita beaucoup

    You guuuys! Thanks for classin’ up my dark ‘n stormy recipe with belching! Like Sandi, I’m totally envious of your belchin’ capabilities. I wish I were kidding.

    • Pintester

      Thanks for visiting! Glad you liked our video– and our belching. ;)

  • Havana James

    Not that i dont adore you but I really like it when you have guests on your videos, especially the four legged variety.

    • Pintester

      You’re in luck. More guests to come!

  • Tia

    Lol I totally watched this while I had Shark Week on. Balls balls balls! You always make my day better :)

  • Ruth Gilbert

    I don’t know who that crazy chick is that said the burp noises are necessary was…but she is wrong. I want to order the t-shirt that says “Fuck nebulas, it’s Shark Week.” And I just love Amy. However, I have one minor question, why didn’t you do each others nails? That way neither one of you would have had to use your “off” hand.

  • Marna

    I think this is my second favorite video (the one last week with your husband was my favorite)! I agree with those who want the “Fuck nebulas, it’s Shark Week” t-shirts. Maybe you could have one made up and that could be your extra-special giveaway! Or else a guest spot in an upcoming Cocknails videos. :-)

  • Janice

    OMG – Love Amy!! Hilarious! My attempt at galaxy nails was a fail…..but the Dark & Stormy was a success. “Fuck nebulas – it’s SHARK WEEK!”

  • Katherine Zurawel Herrick

    :) Fun

  • Grace

    Seriously yum on the drink recipe this week! May be my new go to cocktail. However, it is not particularly dark, nor stormy. Any idea on where the name came from?

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  • PanyaV

    I gave myself a nebulae manicure yesterday to celebrate the fact that I’m seeing the Rifftrax live show for Starship Troopers tonight. Yes, my life is that boring that I have to give myself special manicures just to go to the movie theatre. [Recently, I’d a minion for Despicable Me 2, and badges and uniform shirt colors for Star Trek Into Darkness.]

    • Peta-marie Good

      i so want to do the minions!! SONYA!! next cocknails? minions? and some form of yellow and blue cocktail? :D

      • PanyaV

        My minion [I don’t have nail art tools, I just used a straight pin]:

        • Peta-marie Good

          wow those look awesome!!!

  • hooked new reader

    you are HILARIOUS! keep the posts coming!

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