Cocknails: It’s French

0 Posted by - August 21, 2013 - Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Videos

Jamie and I are Frenchin’ it up with a drink with Grand Marnier in it and some wacky (read: stupid-looking) French manicures. We are unapologetically nerdy. Really. After we were done, we went to a coffee shop with a tardis and a Captain America shield on the wall. And also we almost BOTH wore our Captain America t-shirts and then we would have been nerdy twinsies.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster:
French mani 1:
French mani 2:
French mani 3:

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  • Cherie Morris Emerick

    Frakking awesome!! we could totally be friends.

  • Jamee

    hee hee, do all jamee’s (Jamie’s) (jaymie’s) (jami’s) like drinking? she sounds like me, “Drink, I’m mainly here to drink . . .”
    I’ve tried the tape thing, but it kept seeping under and i’m not allowed to paint walls anymore . . .

  • molly

    I wish you had been twinsies! I’ll go to meet my husband somewhere and, more often than not, I’ll get there to discover we’re both wearing superhero shirts. Then we get to match during our date. It’s pretty awesome.

    Also, I was strangely attracted to you during this video. Probably because Captain America is damn sexy, and you were wearing his emblem across your chest.

    Also, you have really nice nails.

  • jadestormcloud

    I want a coffee shop with a TARDIS on the wall! Lucky nerdy bastards.
    Also, I want a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

  • Chrissy C

    I would have to challenge you to the worst wall painter trophy. My hubby will not let me paint the walls anymore. Paint seeps behind the tape and I can’t paint to straight to save myself!

    • molly

      You are so lucky.

  • Havana James

    my scotch tape has hair in it too, from my kitty. it also did not work when i tried the frenchie look.

  • Kit

    Painters (the blue) tape is the best for nails! I use it all the time for tips.

  • Ellysa

    I’m amazed you liked your Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters at first sip. I took my first sip and gagged; however, because of my love for Hitchhiker’s Guide, I persisted. By the end of the first drink, my second one tasted AWESOME.

  • Ellysa
  • Faith

    I hate to be that person but…. You capitalized Captain America, but not TARDIS?? I’ll just accept that you are a non-Whovian, and move on…

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