Crayon Candle

4 Posted by - September 4, 2013 - DIY & Crafts

Have you heard this one? Apparently, in an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes. (I guess if it’s not an emergency, you’re just going to have to use a candle like everybody else.)

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Crayon Candle

The Pintester tests whether or not you can actually burn a crayon like a candle. Because you might need to. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.

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  • Candypants

    Hahaha….woman, you crack me up. So basically you’re better off using a barbecue lighter for 30 minutes than a crayon.

  • libraryofbird

    I literally asked out loud “why the fuck isn’t she burning the white crayon?” My dog was wondering too. Glad you answered us.

  • Katie

    I wouldn’t recommend dumping water on hot wax ever again, it makes wax bombs. Like giant mushroom cloudy fireballs from just a little bit of wax. There are plenty of YouTube videos of it.

    • libraryofbird

      *rasies hand* um now I want her to dump water all over wax to see this.

      • Pintester

        I DID dump water over wax and no bomb. See video above. I declare this one busted. ;)

        • libraryofbird

          No, I mean like light the 64 box of crayons on fire and dump a bucket on them (you could use roseart brand cause that would be a waste of good crayons). Maybe an outside experiment.

  • Jenevieve Busseau

    You’re like a Mythbuster!

  • Deborah Smoak Bobo

    Ahh…but would several crayons bound together last longer? Perhaps you could sue them to roast marshmallows?

  • Von

    You put it on a paper plate? Dude. Maybe just stay away from pintests involving fire.

    • Pintester

      Well… I didn’t want to ruin a REAL plate…

  • Ally

    Loved this video!

  • Missy

    But jumbo crayons exist. RETRY!

  • Jodee Rose

    Under no circumstance is my nephew (or my husband, actually) allowed to watch this video. It will only be used for evil.

  • Ryan Perkins

    At least you didn’t use a “flesh” colored crayon… like one of those really fat ones they make for kids. And, if you’d have taken the paper off of the giant flesh crayon…. it would have looked like a flaming cock! Which would be unfortunate… or funny. totally not sure.

  • kittnen

    Glad to see that you pulled your hair back. Have you ever considered revisiting the glass cutting?

    • Pintester

      Hell no! I am never trying that one again, never never. Once was plenty, thank you. :)

  • Dar Hamill

    When i saw that you pinned this a couple weeks ago we tried it immediately! Really really bad smell!

  • A. B. England

    I thought this one would be a bust. I’ve been playing about with making candles and wax tarts, and although wax can flash if microwaved, I’ve never seen it actually catch fire itself. So I’m thinking with a crayon, it’s just the paper burning unless there are some funky chemicals in them, which there probably are.

    Was it kind of a hairspray like smell? I only ask because I’ve noticed both the emulsifying wax I use in my lotions and perfumes and the soy wax I use for the candles and tarts have a hairspray smell to them when melted and before I’ve added fragrance or essential oils. Now I’m wondering if it’s just a universal wax trait.

  • KimJ

    I always figured by “in an emergency” they meant “The lights went out and you don’t have any candles like a moron? Here, use this crayon.”

  • rebeccajo

    I join the ranks of thinking “Burn a white one” :) Glad you were on top of the game with that reply… I thought immediately the paper would burn first – you probably should take it off… but that’s a good point – what can you put to hold it up safely? … & toxic fumes? I’ll just sit in the dark…

  • Carrie

    “So I would say if you’re ever in an emergency situation, probably a candle is your best bet.” What about a flashlight yo?!

  • HemeraDemeter
  • Ray

    Thank you for using a name brand crayon for us…we appreciate your generosity :) Love you pintester!

  • Georgika

    Now I have a new favorite threat!!!! IF YOU KIDS COLOR ON MY WALL ONE MORE TIME I WILL BURN YOUR CRAYONS!!!!!!! My 2 year old looked horrified when she watched this video :D


    You should try the melted crayon art with a hair dryer thingy …yeah there’s probably a better name for that but I’m too busy wasting time to look for a better name.

    • Allie

      Did that one with my kids. Pretty awesome. It’d be even better if you had a hi-powered hairdryer (not really for hair, like the ones that are tools, but I have no idea what for).

      • SanityEludes

        For heating shrink wrap, so it …. shrinks :D

      • molly

        I tried that one, too, but I failed miserably. I’m glad yours was pretty awesome, though. Whenever I got enough heat to melt the crayons, the adhesive I used to hold the crayons to the canvas also melted, so I had crayons falling all over the place. But I had fun, and that’s all that matters, right? Right??

  • ChickieD

    Just spitballing here, thinking of ways this could be useful. Ok, you’re out in the woods and you get lost. For some reason, you have a crayon – possibly the white one – and a lighter in your pocket. You’re a first grade teacher who smokes like a chimney maybe. It’s cold, it’s dark, you light up that crayon but then you think, hey, I’m in the woods and I have a lighter, maybe I could just make, like, a real fire. Ok, so that’s a no. Ok, you’re in a really scary foreign prison. A guard tosses in a crayon, possibly just to annoy you, a white one, and you have a match squirreled away under your dingy mattress. It’s dark so you flame up that candle. But now you look around and it’s like really gross because it’s a prison, plus, now the place stinks like hairspray or something. And you’re like stuck in there. So, yeah, probably just a candle would work any time you have a crayon handy.

  • Julie

    In an emergency in which you forgot to buy candles for the kid’s birthday cake would be my first guess.

  • Christine

    Onto The .yola that should be on a Tshirt.

  • SanityEludes

    Seriously, no jokes about the tip? Mwhahahaha!

  • MrsBox

    You know, if you had held the paper plate the other way up, that left over wax would have made a convincing crayon wax penis.

  • Theresa Brundage

    Well, that lasted about as long as a Nazi at an Ark opening.

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  • katie-bug

    I may be wrong but I think you were supposed to take the wrapper off first, then you would have gotten the slow burn of the wax and not the fast burn of the paper…

  • Carolyn

    The crayons are supposed to be used as a fire starter. They work well to help get the tinder going but that’s about it. Thanks for trying though…you never know when you might need a stinky light to read by.

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  • smeat3

    Why the heck would you burn anything on a paper plate and then blame the highly flammable plate, calling it a fire hazard, when it catches on fire!? “I know, let’s see how well this raw steak suit insulates me in the water. I know, we’ll test our little theory in a shark tank!”
    Anyway, I call “user error”, and say, placed on the type of surface any sane person who doesn’t want to burn their home down would put ANY candle on, the “crandle” makes a great emergency light while you dig around for something better, like Crisco… Or an actual candle.