Cocknails: Pumpkintini and Jack-o-lantern Nails

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Pumpkin everythingggggg! Yep, it’s that time of year. (If you can’t see the video, click here!)

Original pumpkintini tutorial
Original jack-o-lantern manicure tutorial (in Slovak– sorry)

Pumpkin spice krispie treats

Cocknails: Pumpkintini and Jack-o-lantern Nails

Cocktails, where the Pintester tests a cocktail and a manicure. Get it? This one features a pumpkintini and a jack-o-lantern manicure. You know, for the season.

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  • keepcalmanddance

    Very nice. I especially liked the flashing “That’s what she said” sign. And actually, I thought your thumb looked the best out of all your nails. Maybe you were just too close to it to see. Or maybe I’m too far away. :)

  • Cara

    Eww. That drink. As much as throwing some rum and whiskey into my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie sounds awfully tempting…I don’t think I could get past it oozing out of the shaker. Snaps to you for trying it though. And I think you nails actually looked pretty cute. The pinkie is my favorite.


  • Katie

    Laughed through the whole thing! Decent nails, too!

  • Katie

    So I feel sad now that my official “that’s what she said tallying job” was taken away. But I do feel like like trying the exploding pumpkintini…

  • Martina Tuckner

    I bet if one would use like 1 or 2 Tbls of pumpkin puree it would of still tasted just as good but without the crazy thick consistency, Thin it out with more booze. Sounds good to me. :) Those nails were way cute btw. I think you did a pretty decent job. :)

  • Meg

    I think we could be friends! Loved the video!

  • jadestormcloud

    I laughed non-stop through the whole “That’s what she said” sequence. Brilliant.

  • rose

    omg, the jack-o-lantern nails are basically perfect. This is one of the most successful nail things you’ve ever done, I am so proud of you! :) :)

  • Havana James

    I love your blog and I LOVE cocknails! I need a “That’s what she said” hand sign to hold up. It would make my days at work much more interesting. BTW I want to complement you on the shape of your nails. They are all even and similarly shaped. My nails on the other hand, (ha ha) are all different shapes. One is round, one or two are oval, and the rest are squares.

  • kittnen

    Hubs was playing GTAV while I watched this and I was dying because he was saying “That’s what she said” at the exact same time it was flashing on the screen, and he had NO CLUE why I was laughing so fucking hard.
    I actually made the pumpkintini before, that’s what happens when you grow a shit ton of pumpkins and then go, “Fuck, what do I do with all of this pumpkin? I know, DRINK IT.” I did a few substitutions though, the only rum I had on hand was Malibu (which would be gross), but oddly enough I did have pumpkin pie flavored vodka (thank you, Pinnacle). No coconut milk, just used regular. And I just used pumpkin pie spice rather than a pinch of this and that. Also, I don’t own a cocktail shaker so I just tossed it all in a Hello Kitty smoothie cup and put my finger over the hole while I shook. (That’s….what she said?) I really enjoyed it, but next time I may just put the ingredients (minus the ice) in a blender and make sure the pumpkin gets nice and smooth.

  • Franziska Külbel

    I make “That’s what she said”-jokes all. the. time… and, frankly, I’m blaming it a bit on your blog. But then, I’m loving it so thank you for so many “That’s what she said”-jokes! (We might need an abbreviation for it… like… twss-jokes?!)

  • Kyra M

    I’ve been watching your blog for awhile but have yet to post…until now. DUN DUN DUN! I was at work while reading this and was laughing so loud that it was echoing in the building…and I fell off my stool. I particularly like the little penis (that’s NOT what she said?)…very talented to fit that on such a small nail. :-)

  • Emily Lacquerologist

    As a nail blogger, I think the term “Cocknails” is BRILLIANT! I have had similar experiences, but never had a name for them…until now! Your pumpkins turned out cute! =)

  • MrsBox

    Was the open mouth jackolantern next to the penis on purpose? Or happy accident for the penis nail?

  • MissLady V

    Love your persevering attitude.

    Hmmm….if shaking makes it explode everywhere….
    let’s try shaking it more and see what happens…!

    I would SO do the same thing. ♥ Too bad all that shaking didn’t help the fact
    that it looked like creamed carrot baby food.

  • ThetaSigma

    My sister says, “hey, they weren’t that bad!” I commented, “hey, the green line looks like a penis!” glad to see you managed to work a dick — should I say cock? — joke in there on your own!

    Oh, by the way, the two of us giggled helplessly at all the ‘that’s what she saids!’ Your Cocknails videos are a great bonding thing for us (we watch ‘em together!)

  • Ali

    I was so thinking you needed to paint a penis on one of the pumpkin butts. You never disappoint & that’s why I love watching Cocknails.

  • kittentoes

    Ahhhh, I needed that laugh.

  • TRexEatsDinner

    Have you tried the Migi nail pens? While I still suck at making cute little designs on my nails, I suck less than I did trying to use toothpicks. Last year I did Frankensteins on my nails for Halloween ( — not mine)

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  • Amalia

    Holy fuck-balls I needed that video!!! Your posts help keep me sane and are always amazing. By the way, I thought your jack-o-lantern nails looked great and better than any manicure I have ever done.(Disclaimer: I am drinking champagne on a rare day alone with a cat in my lap)

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