Reinvented Christmas Carols

0 Posted by - December 23, 2013 - Christmas & Holiday, Videos

I wrote some Christmas carols for you guys, because I was so inspired after my Carol a Day project in December (which you can see here). It’s me, though, so please be warned these songs are irreverent and contain many a swear word. Also, I’m singing, so there’s that. Merry Christmas to all (um, except those of you who don’t celebrate it), and I hope you survive the holidays more or less intact. (Click here if you can’t see the video!)

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Reinvented Christmas Carols

Inspired by the season, the Pintester sings some reinvented Christmas carols, with lyrics of her own creation.

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  • Ellie Weezle

    OH Sonia!!! I had just taken a hot mouthful of tea when “sacknuts” started….. held my hands over my mouth til it ended to keep the tea off my keyboard… Merry Christmas!

  • Alie

    Finally, carols I wouldn’t mind hearing starting November 1st. I’m going to be singing “you big stupid fuck” all day.

  • Kasey@DebtPerception

    lol, I like the last one best!

  • FluffyGirl

    Love it! Merry Christmas to you, too! As usual, you did not disappoint. Now I’ve got that last song stuck in my head. Is it inappropriate for HR to be singing that at work???

  • Martina Tuckner

    That was fabulous. Loved it. Thanks for the awesomeness that just flowed from your face! Merry Christmas! :D

  • Daisy Designer

    That…was…beautiful. Merry Christmas to you!

  • Fritters H.

    I’ll have you know when you sang how the booze will help us make do, I toasted you with my coffee with whipped cream and spiked with vanilla vodka.

    Yes, Ma’am!

  • Joanna Likness Pendleton

    We were watching this, and Neve started going, “Hey Auntie! HEY AUNTIE!” She thought it was Skype. I had to explain about YouTube. I enjoyed your carols. Neve doesn’t like anybody’s singing unless you’re a Disney princess.

  • christine seidita

    Loved them!!!

  • Becka Wheeler

    Awesome! I have finally found some carols I like! I thought this day would never come… ha!

  • A. B. England

    Thank you! Just what I needed after idiotic last minute shoppers turned a 40 minute commute into two hours of torture this evening. Your carols just might have saved my Christmas spirit…at least enough to not bite someone’s head off anyway.

  • Havana James

    A coworker of mine brought her I Pod to work for Christmas cheer however, she kept the damn thing on repeat and played the same song everyday for 8 hours. This has gone on since Thanksgiving. I’m not kidding. Today I attempted to “fix” her I Pod. I couldn’t take the country version of “Away I A Manger” anymore. With your amusing renditions of my favorite Christmas carols, you have heroically save my sanity this season. Thank You!

    • Catherine

      You were subjected to the country version of Away in a Manger every day all day for nearly a month and didn’t complain to HR? Or murder your coworker? Seriously? Not even a break with another song? The same song for 8 hours straight??? I’d disappear her iPod.

  • Sandi Boyd

    Once again, I think I love you.

  • Chelsea Leigh

    That was amazing. Best. Carols. Ever.

  • Kaelyn Paige Allen

    This is the first year I could legally drink my way through the holidays, and I must say I think this was the best Christmas ever… Probably because I don’t remember most of it…

  • Xenmom

    Okay, these really made me laugh! But then I’ve been told I have a sick sense of humour.