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You guys, you guys! I have an announcement! So before I get to all your great comments from this past week, I have to tell you…

We have a forum!

Go ahead, check it out! And by check it out, I mean register, post, and generally spend lots of time there chatting it up with your fellow Pintestes.

I thought it was high time all of you smart, beautiful, crafty people had a place where you could talk to each other, rather than just conversing in the comments here. Plus, there’s really no place to chat at Pinterest, per se, unless you’re commenting on a particular pin, so tell your friends, tell your enemies, just tell everyone to head over to the forum and check it the hell out. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Also, I would like to announce a contest. The person who starts the topic that gets the most replies in the forum this month will get (drumroll) a cool Pintester t-shirt from the new and improved Pintester store! I’ll announce the winner in my weekly Pinteste Round-up on October 30, so get in there and get some discussions going!

Ok. Whew. Once you’re done playing with the forum, come on back and see what awesomeness the Pintestes left in the comments this week.

You all pointed out that alcohol is bad for your hair and will make it break and that perhaps I should just fucking wash my hair when it gets dirty instead of using dry shampoo. You may have a point.

Teach381 Mostly I just think you’re lucky, cause if I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days it’s look like it was combed with a pork chop.  True Story.

Mostly I think you’re awesome for that visual imagery. True story.

scotpjmacdonald You definitely need to make time for pooping. Maybe if you wax your eyebrows WHILE pooping you could buy a little time?

Solid advice. (That was not a solid waste joke– at least it wasn’t meant to be.)

Pizza muffins. It sounds like a Mormon swear-word, but it’s not. Here are some comments from that post:

healthybehappy I had a dream last night that I met you. You didn’t like me. =(

Oh, sweetie. I apologize on behalf of my asshole dream self, and promise you that in real life I like just about everyone. So unless you, like, piss on my shoe the first time I meet you or something, we’re probably good.

ReginaDiazTorre well this is definitely a pin I will have to try, if the all muffin destroyer managed to make them look like actual food then there is something to this recipe

Fuck. Now I feel like I should have put “All Muffin Destroyer” on my business cards. Oh well. Too late now.

I made soda ice cream that did not work. And I cannot imagine a world in which it would have worked. Well…

liz mk I think it would have worked if you would have added copious amounts of whiskey.

Yeah, that probably would have helped. Although I don’t know the freezing temperature of whiskey, so maybe not.

And then I made a fart-joke about marriage, because nothing is sacred here. There were so many amazing fart-stories in the comments of this post that I was doing the I-can’t-breathe laugh several times while reading through them. Do yourself a favor and go look at all of them, for realsies.

sparklepants That best friend will also reach over and grab one boob and think it’s foreplay.

I was trying to take the high road and go for the fart joke rather than the boob-grope joke, but I’m glad you guys went there for me, truly!

traceyg1000 Married almost 28 years, but that’s a really long story.  When he has farted me out, I always come back with ‘Check out this bruise on the back of my leg’.  He looks everytime, and yes, I fart.  Might make 29.

Positively diabolical. I’m taking notes.

McpPatton My husband did that once.  The next night when we went to bed I had a rabbit’s foot clutched between my toes.  As soon as that fucker started to fall asleep I ran the rabbit foot up his leg.  He screamed like a 9 year old girl and ran out of bed.  I didn’t know he could move that fast.  Needless to say, he hasn’t tried that shit again.

Teach me, fart sensei.

Keep being awesome, Pintestes! I love you all!

And go post in the forum!


  • ThisSillyGirlsLife October 2, 2012 - 4:13 pm Reply

    LOL, that last comment killed.

  • bheath91 October 2, 2012 - 11:38 pm Reply

    I am literally crying. Literally, tears are rolling down my face and I snorted because I am laughing so hard. My dogs are judging me. AND, to top it all off, my husband just farted in his sleep. Bahaha.

  • healthybehappy October 3, 2012 - 12:58 am Reply

    Haha I promise I don’t piss on people I meet for the first time. 😉

  • ChelleCrew October 3, 2012 - 7:28 am Reply

    I’m pretty sure I’m brain dead from working on College Algebra and Trig all night and well into the morning, but I can’t seem to find a place to reply or post a new topic on the forums. Also while we are on the subject of fart jokes…funny little kid story of my life so far: I was baby sitting my nephew who had just learned to use the big boy potty, well he can’t use it if someone is in the bathroom with him. I walked out and stood at the bathroom door. All of a sudden I hear a thunk and, “Aunt Chelle help me!!” I go in the bathroom and see 2 little feet sticking up out of the toilet. He had fallen all the way in the toilet. I got him out and dried his hiney off. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially after he went,”It’s not funny! That’s where poop goes not me!” 

    • anchesson October 3, 2012 - 8:13 am Reply

      ChelleCrew “It’s not funny! That’s where poop goes not me!” made me laugh so hard I have to go re-apply my makeup. Luckily I’m hear before everyone else at work and no one was here to witness

    • Pintester October 3, 2012 - 9:13 am Reply

      ChelleCrew Were you able to figure out how to post in the forum? If you click into a topic, at the very bottom you should see buttons to add a reply or start a new topic.Poor little nephew booger. 🙂 I hope he wasn’t traumatized for life.

      • Christine G October 3, 2012 - 1:23 pm Reply

        I can see the posts just fine, but I’m also having issues finding where/how to reply or start a new topic on the forum – but it may be blocked somehow by my (evil) workplace internet-nanny…would it be too much to ask for a screen cap of the correct interface, just so I know I’m not entirely net-dumb all of a sudden?

      • ChelleCrew October 4, 2012 - 5:28 am Reply

        Pintester  Yes! I see it now!   I swear those math classes will be the end of me LOL! He wasn’t traumatized he just sits on the toilet backwards now so he can hold on. Now his biggest problem is getting the TP stuck in his crack when he wipes. He’ll get it though he’s a smart little dude. 

  • Melosch2001 October 11, 2012 - 11:20 pm Reply

    I’m a mormon and I am for sure using the swear word “pizza muffin” from now on!

  • LMYAO October 22, 2012 - 12:41 pm Reply

    @McpPatton: Oh My God!! You made me snort, cry, and laugh out loud! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Thanks to you and Pintester! That was awesome!!

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