Hi! I’m the Pintester. I test pins from Pinterest. Mostly, I seem to fail at them…

If you like watching people hilariously mess up even the simplest of crafts, I’m your girl. If you’re into f-bombs and irreverent humor, this is the place to be. Like penis jokes? Join me. We shall laugh together, Internet brethren (and sistren).

I am in no way officially associated with Pinterest, except that I spend far too much time on it planning weddings I will never have and designing rooms I know I will never do. (I can’t even work up the energy to paint a wall, honestly.)

If you like the site, please pin it, tweet it, like it, and tell all your friends about it.

If you hate the site, please keep your goddamn mouth shut.

And if you want to start reading way back at the beginning of the blog, I started it in December 2011 with this post. Knock yourself out!

Want to know a little more about me? My name is Sonja Likness and I’ve been blogging since, like, forever. (Seriously, I had a Xanga site in like 2001.) In addition to being a horrible crafter and cook, I am also a social media director and speaker.

You can find me a bunch of places online, but start with Pinterest, Facebook (or you can subscribe to my personal profile if that floats your boat), YouTube, and Instagram.

Please stay in touch! You can contact me (I try to answer every email I get), and also sign up for the weekly newsletter. Thanks!

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