Newspaper Nail Art

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This pin test was originally posted on CraftFail!

In the world of Pinterest manicures, perhaps no manicure has gotten quite the attention of the newspaper nail art manicure. Purportedly, this one is so easy and looks awesome, like you’ve been living in New York City, or something. Yeah, I don’t know. But whatever. It’s supposed to be awesome. So how could I not try it?

Image via Beauty and Lace

Also, it involves vodka. Holy crap. What’s not to love?

Vodka I had.

Newspaper I had to hunt for. Who the hell reads newspapers anymore anyway? I eventually found some ad papers I thought might work.

Now, when a process involves vodka, there is Absolut-ly (see what I did there?) no way I’m going to not drink some of it.

Or maybe a little more than some of it…

Fine, a lot of it…

About here, I really started wishing that I had a hard copy of Fifty Shades of Grey to do this project with. How awesome would that be? You could find, like, the dirtiest, most embarrassing words in that whole amazing porny book and have them on your fingernails. Right? Unfortunately, my copy of Fifty Shades is an ebook. (All the better to read porn in public, my dear.) So that wasn’t gonna happen. To make myself feel better, I had another drink.

I kind of really just wanted to go take a nap after that, but I forged on.

With nails appropriately prepped, I dipped my index fingernail in what remained of my vodka and went to work.

It’s a very good thing that I have a day job, I guess, because if I depended on making this work for my income, I would be up shit creek pretty quick. I, however, did not give up. Even though I probably should have. Attempt #2 was on my thumbnail:


At this point, I decided it must be the newspaper’s fault, so I grabbed the only other piece of paper at the kitchen table, which happened to be a medical insurance statement. Not exciting, but possibly usable.

I actually got kind of excited about this result, until I realized that the ink itself had not, in fact, transferred to my nails. The entire paper had.

I have heard many people say this worked for them, and I don’t doubt it. They probably didn’t drink all their vodka before they gave it a go, though. Just a guess.

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  • chezlamere

    Hold it…isn’t this a recycled test, I’m sure I read this one from u before hmmmm

    • SM77

       @chezlamere Yep…….I remember this one too :(

    • Pintester

       @chezlamere It was originally posted on CraftFail, as the note at the top of the post says. :)

  • creations_qamar

    Hi, I have never tried it with vodka, but it work pretty well with rubbing alcool over a base coat of nail polish: white, offwhite, pale pink or yellow. But I had a total fail, when I tried to do it with a Chinese newspaper. The Chinese printed letters were too small, it did not transfer good. Don’t give up. ;o)

  • Cdubs1

    I agree with creations. I dipped my toes (quite the operation) in rubbing alcohol and used a base of white nail polish, then put on a clear top coat to preserve it. It didn’t work out quite as well as Pinterest claims, but good enough. I used the police blotter from my local newspaper which turned out to be quite humorous. Don’t use the ads- they don’t transfer right, you have to use the main section of the paper, and I tore the paper into small strips before applying.

  • akaStacy

    I agree about not using ads (or regular paper) Think about how easy the ink from newspaper comes off on your fingers. That is what you want. And rubbing alcohol would work differently than drinking alcohol.

  • Kaz_from_Aus

    You are just tooo funny…!!!
    K from Australia

  • heidi

    Thank god for this. I saw that tutorial and was like “there is just no way.”

  • DawnBarnsdale

    Holy crap! My daughter and her friend did this- they actually turned out kinda cute- but I had no idea vodka was involved! I mean- two 14 year old girls wouldn’t have actually USED vodka- much less drank it right??  

  • Soididitmyself

    Omg, you’re so funny, it’s sick!

  • cmuchick2006

    I actually did this like other said with rubbing alcohol and it worked perfectly for me. I used those little blurbs from the legal section because it has lots of words in a little space so you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Cbouch

    I’ve tried it with alcohol with the same depressing results. Rubbing alcohol however, actually works!

  • RachelRichardson

    My brother’s sister-in-law did it with rubbing alcohol with nail polish under it. Her nails came out great!!

  • Lindsay

    Hilarious-I think nail art is ridiculous and this made me laugh :(

  • guest

    It looks like you should have painted you nail first, the ink would soak into the nail polish allot better then your actual nail.

  • SensibleMoms

    I would just like to state that perhaps the Pintester is more of a humorist than a Martha Stewart. Just enjoy the laughs. Ellen

  • Kellyyy

    Number one: Paint your nails first
    Number two: Use rubbing alcohol. Higher alcohol content makes the ink transfer better!
    And I am absolutely in love with this blog!!!

  • Marmz

    Oh my gosh. I am laughing SO HARD. I absolutely love this! I for sure plan to like it, pin it, and tweet this to share the comedic value! 

  • s_masood

    @kdconnie hah this is awesome!

  • Allysonsational

    @kdconnie Her blog is hysterical! I have had my own handful of Pinterest fails too. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • kdconnie

      @Allysonsational I know! I was dying reading them! You just KNOW some of that stuff on Pinterest is just too good to be true… or easy.

  • myoli

    lol you have to use rubbing alcohol. I do these alot, they’re adorable!

  • Rita

    I do this regularly! Paint your nail first, then dunk each nail in some alcohol (I use some icky bourbon that someone gave hubby!), and then apply a strip of newspaper for a few seconds.  I haven’t had it work with anything other than newspaper, though I am told that laser prints work alright too. 
    Then clearcoat over the top.

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  • sam

    you must have done something wrong because I have done this several times and it works and its so cute!!!

  • Heather L

    She put a clear coat of polish on first.  You can tell from the picture before she dipped her nails in the vodka.

  • jess

    I’ve read 4 or 5 of your tests and you have not yet followed the instructions. I wish someone would make your blog and actually do them right instead of half-ass-drunk-gonna-use-what-i-already-have-in-the-house shit.

    • Pintester

      Sorry this blog isn’t your cup of tea, Jess. Try . They’re serious about their testing.

    • SighKoh

      Who the hell would read that? Hey, I know. Why don’t you go write your own boring blog and leave hers alone? Then no one can read yours and you can screw off. The end. 

  • MelissaWarburton

    You crack me up!  And you are SO right about the Pinterest manicures , , , I tried the marbled one not once but twice and I ended up with was a mess and blue stained cuticles.

  • cardinalrd

    This can work better if you use rubbing alcohol. Less fun, but works better.

  • MarisaInVegas

    @alison Haha! Loved the “nailed it” posts. Have you seen the Cookie Monster cupcakes? I die laughing every time.

    • alison

      @MarisaInVegas haha no! Is it the same blog?

      • MarisaInVegas

        @alison I’m not sure if it was the same blog, but here’s the pin- enjoy :)

        • alison

          @MarisaInVegas haha oh my those look…yummy?

        • MarisaInVegas

          @alison LOL! They’re certainly special.

  • EmilyNorris

    You are supposed to paint your nail with white polish first. Let it dry. Then dip small strips of newspaper in rubbing alcohol and press onto your nail for about 10-15 seconds and peel off. It actually works quite well if it is done the right way. The reason why it didn’t work for you is because you tried it on a bare nail and used vodka instead of rubbing alcohol.   

    • KaleenaAubreyAlloe

       @EmilyNorris I agree, this is what she should have done. I’ve done it before and mine turned out like the picture. She did hers wrong.

  • sepackers

    Your post made me laughtout loud!

  • PamNiese

    oh my you are great!!!  sitting here with tears in my eyes and having to go pee!!!  Laughing my arse off.  Keep it going!!! 

  • niki

    I did this and it came out really good however i used  blue nail polish then dipped in rubbing alcohol and u need to ensure that there is writing on both sides of the newspaper i dipped the newspaper in the rubbing alchol then placed on my nails and left for ten seconds then removed and it came out great. that the link from where i got it from!!!!

  • AimieMims

    I so wish the Sears ad would have transferred to your nails! Hilarious for trying!

  • Syd

    When I tried this, I found it better to use magazine photos and rubbing alcohol, with a white or cream color polish underneath. The poilish has to be COMPLETELY dry, or you’ll hava big mess. Dip strips in the alcohol and rub onto the nail.

  • ThePintester

    @nightingayl3 Thanks so much! Glad you’re enjoying.

    • nightingayl3

      @ThePintester No thank you! Im seriously dying laughing over here lol :)

  • nightingayl3

    @letsgivetoday So funny! I read her blog for an hour and there were seriously tears lol

  • ThePintester

    @letsgivetoday Thanks!

    • letsgivetoday

      @ThePintester Seriously. You are one of my new favorite people. My abs hurt from laughing while reading your site. #bestworkoutever

      • ThePintester

        @letsgivetoday Thank you, dearest! Glad you’re enjoying!

  • teachu2

     I liked your type of alcohol better…much more “FUN” way of doing it!!

  • AB

    I’ve done this a few times and always had it work. With rubbing alcohol, dipping my nails in it. 

  • maggalz

    I did this and it worked great. Painted my nails a pale pink and let completely dry, dip a nail in rubbing alcohol then wrapped a strip of newspaper around my nail for a few seconds. Coat of top coat. Nails looked great.

  • sheppy

    I thought it was much easier to dip the small piece of newspaper in the alcohol and then apply to the already-painted nail.

  • ErikBroad

    You are great!!  Some people really have no sense of humor.  Keep up the hilarious post!

  • BrandiRuffing

    I did this and it worked. You have to actually use the non glossy newspaper. and i used rubbing alcohol instead of absolute.

    • guest2034

       @BrandiRuffing I have done this as well, several times, in fact, and I have never had a problem with it. I used regular old newspaper (not glossy) and rubbing alcohol. It is also easier to cut out little squares instead of wrapping the entire page around your finger. Funny post though :P

  • BrandiRuffing

    and your nails have to be painted with nail polish before.

  • StacyCollins

    I’m not sure if this is funny or pathetic. You really need help for that drinking problem. Maybe if you were sober you wouldn’t screw up the pinterest DIYs.

    • LizLanza

       @StacyCollins you know she’s joking right?

  • stacymarie21

    Try using rubbing alcohol, that’s how it worked for me!

  • Jenny

    I’ve done this as well. Never had any problems. I actually used mouthwash because i had no rubbing alcohol or vodka laying around. That worked fine surprisingly. Also i used the crossword puzzle part instead of the words, looked pretty cool. I would advise to be careful with the top coat though becasue it can make the ink smear a bit.

  • TessaWallis

    You are FANTASTIC!!!!

  • Cierra

    I’ve done this before… You have to paint on the coat of (neutral, colored?) nail polish before trying to put on the newspaper. I also used rubbing alcohol… It looked a lot like the Beauty and Lace picture.

  • expirenced nail person.

    Sad to say, but you forgot a very important step! You’re supposed to paint your nails with nail polish before you dip your nail into the alcohol. If you try again, im sure it will be a pinterest success!

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  • Dana

    I paint my nails white first when I do this. And I use rubbing alcohol. No issues here. :)