Eyeballs Halloween Manicure

0 Posted by - October 8, 2012 - Hair & Beauty, Halloween & Autumn

Since we’re already on eyeballs, I thought I’d continue the theme today in a non-food manner. That’s right: It’s time for a manicure!

Spooky, right?

Honestly, I love this because I’ll take any excuse to paint my nails black, which I rarely do since about 1998 when I decided I would never be able to fool anyone into thinking I was Goth. At Halloween, though, everyone gets to be Goth…

Or a prostitute. Whichever you prefer, really. Or both. If you want. (I tend to go with Goth because of the size of my thighs.)

Anyway, all began well enough.

And if there’s ever a lesson to be learned from this blog, it’s probably, “Quit while you’re ahead.”

But I never take my own damn advice.

Actually, things were looking pretty good.

And then I went off-book. Because I’m a rebel. And occasionally Goth. That’s right, people. I found a bottle of glow-in-the-dark nail polish and decided that this whole get-up needed a top-coat of spooky green glow.

I was wrong.

Also, I feel I should tell you that it didn’t really glow that much, which would have made it less of a fail, I think.

So, anyway, back to the drawing board with this one. Maybe I’ll go make some more eyeball food to make myself feel better.

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  • teamawesome

    take some solace in the fact that you have awesome nails. i gnaw the shit out of mine and then every 3 months or so kid myself into thinking that i can stop. i look up pinterest remedies then after about a week of not biting, go absolutely ape shit on the nubs that i was able to grow.

    • roachc420

      teamawesome Get a job that causes your hands to be yucky most of the time. That’s what finally broke me of chewing mine down to nothing.

  • Heather_R

    It was so good before the glow in the dark top coat! I’d have done the same thing, lol, and that’s why I love this blog :)

  • jojomace

    Quitting while ahead is never my M.O. either.  Besides, had that worked, how BADASS would that have been?

  • pdacord

    What if you try putting the cool green GITD polish on BEFORE you put on the eyeballs??? I think you can turn this fail around. I believe!!!!! ;^)

  • LaceyNeagle

    I think the original really missed the boat.  What THIS manicure needs is GOOGLY EYES!!

    • AnnaTyson

      I actually thought goggly eyes were on your fingernail when I first saw this.

    • AnnaTyson

      I actually thought goggly eyes were on your fingernail when I first saw this.

  • JulieHaywardBrantley

    So close! While your pre-glow nails do look good…they have a sort of “holy fuck I shit my pants” expression rather than spooky.

    • CrystalKYuhhyzaguirre

      JulieHaywardBrantley originally looking at the picture I didnt chuckle. I read your comment though and scrolled back up and then died…

  • ___leah

    You are a pro at painting your nails black. I have to coat my hands in Vaseline before using black or red nail polish. Definitely did a great job!

  • http://thissillygirlslife.com/ ThisSillyGirlsLife

    Dammit! They looked so cute, too! Why am I so upset about this…?

  • NicoleHow

    Hey! That’s what my eyes look like after drinking too!

  • cyndivdb

    Ooh, so close! But you know we would all have been disappointed if you had uhm, nailed it!
    And I’ve decided that black nails are for everyone for everyday – why should the Goths and emo’s have all the fun??

  • PandaFraz

    Just pretend it was a lightning bug that got smeared on the windshield.  Complete with the glow in the dark goo left behind, and the schmeared eyeballs.  Still Halloween approved IMO.

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