Ivory Soap Clouds

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What is more adorable than a little kid having good, clean fun? (You’ll groan at the “clean fun” thing in 3, 2, 1…)

Image from Our Best Bites

Even though it’s less cute when a grown-ass woman spends the better part of the afternoon microwaving bars of soap, it’s still fun. And so I armed myself with said soap and threw that crap in the microwave.



Except when I went to pull it off the wax paper, there was still a core of un-clouded soap in the middle.


So I sort of ended up with a labia-shaped soap cloud.


I decided to microwave the other piece too, and ended up with two clouds. Because anything a cute little kid can do, I can do better.


I was fully willing to sacrifice my bar of soap for this test, having only thought that you make the soap cloud, admire it, pose with it, and then discard it. But no, no people. You can remake your cloud soap into soap bars all over again! It’s the ciiiiiircle of liiiiiife.

You just add a little water and squish those suckers into cookie cutters, then pop them out and let them dry for a few days.


If I’d had a penis-shaped cookie cutter, you know I would have used it for this. (Alright, fine. If I had a penis-shaped cookie cutter, I would only ever use that cookie cutter for anything cookie cutter related, ever.)

In conclusion, soap is fun. But it’s still not that cute for a 30-something lady with no kids to play with it.

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  • m_pinning

    That’s a whole other kind of “soap box” right there.

  • MegD_85

    Well, if you’re actually interested in penis shaped cookie cutters: http://chocolatefantasies.com/bachelorettecookware.htm

    • pandymonium

      MegD_85 A penis cookie sale!  Life finally has meaning.

  • tyntiff2012

    I don’t know why but when reading this about the penis I was hearing Bubba from Forest Gump in my head talking about Shrimp…but using Penis instead.

    • pharmd2012

      tyntiff2012 Bwahahaha! Now it’s in my head!

  • UnfitParent

    I’m so disappointed that you didn’t make a free form penis soap to go with the labia soap. :(

  • UnfitParent

    I’m so disappointed that you didn’t make a free form penis soap to go with the labia soap. :(

  • connerzgram

    it sure would have been fun to see a penis soap inserted into said labia soap!  another hilarious installment!

  • Niklynn719

    Ehh.. It’s not particularly cute if the said “cute kid” attempts to eat the soap cloud. I did this little project with my niece, I turned around for like I swear two seconds and it was in her mouth! She’s 5! I didn’t think she’d put it in her mouth, but I guess she proved me wrong! Anyways, when I turned back around and saw it in her mouth I yell “Spit it out now! Do you know how much trouble we’ll both be in! You’ll fart soap bubbles for a week and your mom will kill me!”

  • Truffles8761

    Your look of pure joy at having created a successful soap cloud is worth it all.  I suspect you’d been drinking.  I know I would have been.

  • JoyLuVasquez

    The soap cloud looks so fluffy… I just want to pet it….

  • JessicaRWebb

    It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!!

  • dallaschancey1

    Look at you, sticking those cocknails into your ivory labia….

  • rbutz

    LOL, I love your face in your last picture!

  • http://babyfeet3.com babyfeet3

    I did this one for my kids and they were entertained for a full hour. Sorry that the whole 30 year old woman got in the way :) Your house smelled clean and fresh, though!

  • SarahKruse

    I totally have a penis shaped cookie cutter. Just imagine that in the guest bathroom. So clean, yet so dirty.

  • http://thissillygirlslife.com/ ThisSillyGirlsLife

    LOL, you look so happy!

  • Christine G

    I like that you’re wearing a shirt inspired by the kid in the picture, that’s the attention to detail we really look for on this blog. Your face is all pink again so you must be flushed with success, naughty humor and a tasty adult beverage – well done!

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  • KatherynBeerman

    looks like Mrs. Claus’ bush…

    • JacquesRussell

      KatherynBeerman mmm <3

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  • Sunflowercake

    so are there penis soaps at your house now? There is a good stocking stuffer!

  • Sarah

    The Veggietales cookie cutter my old roommate bought makes reasonably penis-shaped cookies http://www.mileanhour.com/files/2011/1/14245-005.jpg . (Not our picture, but the same cookie cutter.) And it’ll make your Amazon recommendations a little less disturbing… or at least disturbing in a different way… if that’s something that matters as much to you as it does to me.