Limoncello Gin Cocktail

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My whole family is coming over today and I have not cleaned the bathrooms or vacuumed yet. Additionally, my writing partner and I just released a book today and I am supposed to do more marketing for that. (PLUG PLUG, guys: Just go get the book, ok? It’s free (until August 5th). You’ll like it. It’s about selling and marketing your book. We are funny and brilliant. And we swear a lot and make jokes about yer mom and snot and poopslime. For real.)

SO… I decided it was time for a drink. I can clean the bathrooms later, right? Those Power Point slides can wait, right? I don’t actually have to work on my August editorial calendar until, you know, August 15th or so, right? Fuck it all. Pass the gin.

Image from theKitchn

Image from theKitchn

Also, turns out I had a damn good approximation of the ingredients.

gin drink ingredients

What’s not to love about this? It’s so close to my beloved Tom Collins, really, that it’s destined for wild success.

Also, it’s drop-dead easy. Even I can mix 1 ounce of limoncello, 1 ounce of gin, and 4 ounces of club soda (fine, tonic water– you use what you got). I didn’t even get my newly-cleaned kitchen dirty.

And, guys, it’s pretty damn delicious. Think Tom Collins except girlier. Tomika Collins maybe. Only change I’d make would be to add more gin, but that’s because I’m a big damn lush.


And, in case I didn’t pimp my book hard enough at the top, here’s another one. Buy this bitch. It rules.



  • Cara August 2, 2013 - 10:53 am Reply

    That sounds delicious, limoncello’s are so yummy. Especially in summer. It’s like you can ALMOST pass them off as lemonade. Except for that delicious alcohol that just slips in there somehow.


  • Beth Anne Riches August 2, 2013 - 10:54 am Reply

    I am SO going to try this. My current favorite when lounging out on the deck is vodka and Fresca. Very refreshing. And guess what it’s called? A Joe Blow. So I can say I’m going to have a Joe Blow on the deck. 馃榾

  • Kate S. August 2, 2013 - 11:02 am Reply

    I saw this on pinterest last night and thought about trying it. Now I HAVE to.

  • Lyn August 2, 2013 - 11:09 am Reply

    I had a Lemongrass Drop cocktail this week at a swanky bar in Atlanta (I had to stay there for a workshop, I don’t frequent swanky bars)…you should try one. DELICIOUS. This sounds less expensive, but just as good.

  • Nicole at Mommy Moxie August 2, 2013 - 3:16 pm Reply

    Gin and I are close-maybe a little too close sometimes but I won’t tell if Gin won’t. Adding limoncello? Brilliant. A must try for the weekend.

    Oh, and I bought the book 馃槈

  • Kim Bair August 2, 2013 - 5:22 pm Reply

    You make me wish for a higher alcohol tolerance. 馃檪

  • kittnen August 2, 2013 - 7:43 pm Reply

    Not a gin girl, but this would probably be delicious with Honey Jack. Yum.

  • Unfit Parent August 5, 2013 - 9:17 am Reply

    We don’t usually get all complicated with mixed drinks at our house. When we’re feeling frisky, we’ll usually just take a shot of Jagermeister when we go to the fridge for another beer. But this weekend I think I’ll get super fancy and make this for our guests. Who knows, maybe I’ll even go so far as to put peas in the Hamburger Helper! Maybe I can find a set of pearls in my daughter’s toybox and wear heels and pretend to be all grown up. Hotdog, I’m excited!

  • Lauren August 18, 2013 - 9:38 am Reply

    I always thought Lemoncello tasted like cleaning fluids. But now that there’s gin involved, I might try this.

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