Speaking at Type-A Atlanta!

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled failing to bring you a super-important announcement. Well, sort of an announcement. And a discount. And… well, let me just tell you.

This year I’m speaking at Type-A Atlanta!

No shit, the organizer even tweeted about it:

I know! I’m all official and shit! I know you all are dying to sign up for the conference now just so that you can hear me. I am, of course, a fantastic draw (and humble, too) but there are lots and lots of great speakers on the docket, including one of my favorites, Dan Morris:

So I won’t leave you hangin’. And, in fact, I’ll make the decision super easy for you: Go register right now and use my discount code BLOGPARTNER for 25% off for the next 24 hours ONLY! The conference runs from September 19 through September 21, so it’s coming up fast…


Want to hear more about what I’ll be talking about in my session? Well, if you don’t that’s too bad. Sit down and shut your truffle hole.

If you’re a blogger or a writer (or an anything, really), but you’re having trouble overcoming inertia and actually creating the stuff you need to create (whether that’s posts or chapters or paintings or spreadsheets), this session is for you.

Nike coined the phrase “Just Do It.” Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s not always that easy. There are lots of things that stop people from “just doing it,” and some of those things are totally legit. So, instead of “Just Do It,” this session will help you figure out why you’re not doing it, and then will help you fix it.

We’ll discuss five different things that could be stopping your creativity in its tracks, and the best ways to jump-start you back into creativity.

Need to know more about me? Here’s the official bio:

Sonja Foust is a published author and self-proclaimed internet dork. She combines her loves for reading, writing, and internet tom-foolery on her blogs at sonjafoust.com and Pintester.com. In her spare time (ha!), she writes badass books on writing (badasswriting.com), sings with gusto, dances with abandon, and regularly laughs until she cries. Sonja lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband and doggie.

So what are you waiting for? REGISTER! And don’t forget to do it soon because your 25% discount code BLOGPARTNER is only good for the next 24 hours! If you’re going, please do let me know! Drinky-poos at the bar, et cetera.

Type-A Parent Conference, in its sixth year, is the world’s largest conference for parent bloggers. The conference has a well-established reputation for outstanding learning with actionable takeaways. It features power networking with the best and brightest parents who blog plus the major brands and firms who want to engage them. Type-A is where influential digital parents grow their business and connect. Register here. Use code BLOGPARTNER to get 25% off for 24 hours only!

Speaking at Type-A Atlanta!
Article Name
Speaking at Type-A Atlanta!
The Pintester is speaking at a blog conference in Atlanta in September. You in? 25% discount code, RIGHT HERE!

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