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My husband said it was time for another craft, and you know how I love the crafts. So I decided the only one I could handle today was a socktopus, because I know I can make things out of socks.

Image from Hatched

Image from Hatched

You guys remember Calvin the Love Snowman, right? Well, I had one love sock left…


And it seems like Calvin might need a girlfriend, and so Ms. Socktopussy she shall be.


I didn’t have any cotton stuffing, but I did have a sweat sock with a hole in it.


You like that artsy-fartsy aperture shit with my holey sweat sock and a cluttered coffee table in the background? You know you do. (By the way, the bowl of yellow yucky looking stuff is my lunch, in case you were curious. It was actually pretty tasty.)

When I stuffed the sock into what would become Ms. Socktopussy, she looked a little droopy and sad… (I’d say flaccid, but I don’t think girl socktopi have that problem.)


So I stuffed the other sock in there, too, even though it didn’t have a hole in it. (When in doubt, MOAR STUFFING.)


She began to take shape…



Yes, craft table = thighs. Just be glad I’m wearing pants today.


In an ideal socktopus world, you would have pieces of felt with which to make the eyes. I did not, so I decided the button stand-by would work.

Tangent: I keep my buttons in a mason jar because I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was cute:

Mine looks like this:


Womp womp.

Anyway, I was also out of glue, so I actually honest-to-God sewed buttons on for Ms. Socktopussy’s eyes.


And then I took a picture except that I focused on the wrong thing and am fake-sewing in the photo because I needed my right hand to hold the camera. I really don’t sew left-handed. I barely sew right-handed.

Anyway, here she is: Ms. Socktopussy. Now that’s a face only Calvin the Love Snowman could love.


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  • Julie Anderson Strawn

    When Calvin the Love Snowman and Ms. Socktopussy mate what will thier offspring be? Snowpussy?

    • Pintester

      Mm. Probably frigid pussy. And nobody wants that.

      • Julie Anderson Strawn

        Is there a pinterest pin on how to make tiny little sock condoms?

        • yell4340

          Lol BABY SOCKS

  • Rae

    I would have just whipped out a sharpie and drawn the damn eyes on because I’m lazy and sewing takes too much time an effort… I have less stray buttons than you do =/. Thank you for brightening my day as usual!

  • Lisa Gibson

    Well I’m sitting here looking at your socktopussy with my 8 year old who is home sick today. (Questionable parenting?) She actually saw your final picture and said “Awww! Get me one, get me one!” I had to explain it wasn’t for sale, but rather a craft to make. So now she wants me to make one. Damn it. I don’t like crafting anywhere near as much as I like reading about failed crafts. And its evidence at how bad my own crafting is, that she thinks your sock thing is actually cute. No offense. Your blog is ruining my life.

  • Emmnemms

    I’m pretty sure this is 2 failed “crafts” in one. Button Jar +Socktopussy. Go you! Outdoing yourself again ;)

  • joy

    Wait, your husband says it’s time for a craft? mine runs for his life if I go near the craft cabnet, something about embarrassing messes…

  • LittleChestnut

    It never occurred to me until this post that I could actually keep all my buttons in ONE PLACE! I always just went with the “throw it in some random place and hunt it down months later when you actually need it” approach. I would say I am going to go around and put all my buttons in a jar now, but I know me, that is far too much effort. I will do it with new buttons though.

  • Daisy Designer

    That picture cracks me up! I think Calvin can do better. With all those “love” tats Ms. Socktopussy is obviously from the wrong side of the tracks.

  • Loosekie Mooskie

    I too like the button jar idea… I don’t have any buttons, and since I buy mostly jeans and t-shirts I probably won’t ever have a button jar. I wonder how much trouble I would be in if I cut all the buttons off my hubby’s shirts. But I do like the whole sock craft thing. I showed it to my son though and he said you should have called it a sucktopus!

  • Kelly724

    Aww, it looks like a little love sperm with a messed up tail.

  • Deborah Blake

    Seriously…I love you, but this is just SAD. Sad, I say. (For god’s sake, do we have to take up a button collection for you?)

  • DigitalChick

    So I have a (relatively) new camera, too. And I really want to get that effect where something is in focus in the foreground and out of focus in the background. I keep reading tutorials, but my eyes glaze over. How did you figure it out?

    • Pintester

      My little selecty clicky wheel at the top has a setting called “AV” which means Aperture Priority. if you set it on that, you can set your aperture and the camera will set everything else for you. (It’s like halfway between shooting automatic and shooting manual.) The lower the aperture, the more of that focus foreground out of focus background you get.

      • San Evans

        look who thinks they are hot shit cause they read the instructions. pfft.

        • DigitalChick

          I TRY to read the instructions. As I said, my eyes glaze over.

      • DigitalChick

        Oo oo! I have “AV” on my little slecty clicky wheel too. I’ll try it.

    • Pintester

      I also pinned a bunch of n00b photography stuff on one of my boards: My favorite is this one:

      • DigitalChick

        Thanks! I’ll check those out.

    • Kendra Smith Caudill

      If you can control the aperature on your camera, just dial that down to F8 or larger and by larger i mean a smaller number (ex. F4 or F1) This will get that blurry background effect. However it will also let in more light and overexposure is possible, so up your shutter speed and reduce the ISO.

      • Kendra Smith Caudill

        Or you can do the AV thing (like Sonya says). I always shoot in manual. Just the way I learned to photograph shit.

  • San Evans

    he needs more arms to hug with

  • Kendra Smith Caudill

    Looks sort of like a face hugger from “Alien.”

  • Truffles8761

    I like your little Sock-squid. I think Socktopus is a little generous for the wee beastie you have created but as a squid, it rocks!

  • Alli Goren

    I feel like “socktopussy” was a very appropriate name for a female socktopus… Now, for the love snowman to take his socktopussy…

  • ChickieD

    I have some 411 about button jars. I have a friend who is lovely in many ways, but she had a childhood so messed up that if I were her, I’d crawl in a closet and never come out. She has some weirdnesses, which is understandable. She is also really gifted at yarn work and other things – way beyond the crafty level. She is a straight up artist. However, she gets obsessive about collecting things, like has 10,000 skeins of yard she bought off eBay. She has lots of super cool mason jars full of beautiful buttons. Thousands of buttons off of eBay, in mason jars. Beautiful, but also, I don’t think she’s ever going to find a craft that will involve that many buttons. I think the fact that your button jar has as many buttons as you have pairs of pants is a good thing. It means you are not one off those hoarder people.

  • Annoying_Pedant

    It would be “female socktopodes” not “socktopi” because “octopus” is Greek, not Latin.

  • Anna

    I think she’s cute!

  • LindyCha

    The plural of socktopus is actually socktopuses. Just needs that extra “i”…

  • Katelynn Brooks

    the thing about mason jar buttons, is if you need matching buttons? Well that’s a problem, I have about 4 BIG mason jars FULL of buttons, and I spent like an entire day watching Doctor WHO while sorting, and I only managed to organize ONE mason jar, the rest I just put back into mason jars. I crochet hand warmers and you need 4 matching buttons, its a pain in my ass…

  • Molly Mariana Romero

    here from Argentina, I cant stop laughing, that I´m crying. I discovered pinterest a few month ago and I compulsive pinted a lot of thing very excited with the idea. But now I see a buch of things you´ve done that I pinted. Please go on doing this stuffs and save me from the disaster, ´cos if I´ll do somethings of this I¨ll get crazy mad, but you turn that in to a positive and funny experince, I really enjoy your blog!!!

  • Beth

    By the way while reading this on the couch, and giggling intermittently I responded to my husband’s dirty look with “This (referring to the thing I was reading, ie your blog) show is HI-larious!” Long awkward way to say I think you are funny, and entertaining.

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