Pinteste Round-up: The Dude Abides

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It’s time for the Pinteste Round-up! (I feel like we need a theme song for this– someone get on that, yeah?)

But before I get to your brilliance, I have a couple of announcements:

Revamped Newsletter

I’ve been working on the weekly newsletter to make it more useful for you because I don’t want it to just be a recap of the blog posts for the week (although it will still be that). SO to sweeten the pot for all my subscribers, I’ve added a Pintester signature cocktail recipe that you can only get if you subscribe, and– starting this week– I’m going to be doing a monthly drawing where you can win a craft made by my own two hands! Exciting, I know. You could be the proud owner of a sock snowman or a Borg spine. For serious.

So, if you’re not subscribed to the weekly newsletter already, get on that shit.

“The Dude Abides” Party

If you are in North Carolina and are free this Saturday, come paint your nails with me. I’m serious.


I’m going to be a guest at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s The Big Lebowski “The Dude Abides” Movie Party! They’re going to do an outdoor screening of The Big Lebowski, but doors open early and there will be food trucks, white Russians, and ME! I’ll be leading participants in creating a manicure inspired by the Dude’s hobby-of-choice, bowling. And I’m bringing my trusty video camera, so there’s a chance you could end up on an episode of Cocknails!

Come on out. It’s gonna be awesome. Get details and tickets here!

The Comments

Ok, I’m done horn-tooting now. Here’s the awesomeness you came up with in the comments this week.

I’m really glad you guys liked Andris. She is a writer. That’s why she has such a way with words…

Ellysa • …I’m officially trying to figure out how to fit “well, that went over like a fart in a spacesuit” into my daily conversations as much as possible. Oh wait, I’m a preschool teacher and talk to 2 year olds all day. So there goes all the fun.

I got some tips on how to fix my nuts.

Adrianne Stone • Your nuts look a lot larger than their nuts. Maybe size matters? (giggling like a 14 year old over here)

And this is an ode to the Pintestes:

Sunrea Linnae Clayborn • I just want everybody to know that I was upset by the comments section of a totally unrelated site and I was like, “Man, I need to cheer up and see some nice, friendly, funny comments.” So I came here. A wonderful, hilarious post about nuts and then the nicest comments sections on the internet. You all deserve an award, especially Pintester. <3

Thank you, Sunrea, and I agree that all you Pintestes deserve an award. Sadly, you’ll have to settle for a signature cocktail recipe and a chance to win a crappy handmade craft

Llama spit • I do the holding stuff with my toes while I braid thing, too. You’re not alone! Right on, toe sista! I send you a high five, only with my foot. And now I’m totally gonna have to ask my husband to find me nuts, because I want to carry them around with me.

Thanks for making me feel a little less like a freak!

A little warning if you’re planning to make pico de gallo:

Emily1022 • All that jalapeño is gonna hurt like a bitch coming out.

(Worth it, IMHO.)

Thanks for all the comments this week guys, and I hope to see some of you at The Dude Abides party! (If you’re coming, tweet at me with #ncmadude and I’ll look out for you!) Also, don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter! Free cocktail recipe and chances to win crap– yay!

(Just a note: If you are a blogger, be sure to add your blog URL to the Disqus profile you’re using to comment here. That way I can link to your blog! I wanna give you the love, yo.)


  • KimJ September 3, 2013 - 3:57 pm Reply

    My submission for a theme song:

    Where’s the place that you can be
    As crude as you want to be?
    The Pintester is right for me,
    It’s great to be a Pinteste!
    It’s the Pinteste Round-Up!

    • Ellysa September 3, 2013 - 4:42 pm Reply

      …She should get the first handmade craft. That is solid.

    • Pintester September 4, 2013 - 1:40 pm Reply

      Woohoo! That’s awesome!

  • jadestormcloud September 4, 2013 - 1:38 pm Reply

    I misread the request for a theme song & wrote one for your blog rather than for just the Round-Up. Oh, well. Here it is anyway. It’s to the tune of “Sledgehammer.”

    I could test your craft project
    if you send me the right supplies
    I can follow recipes perfectly
    OK, that’s a total lie

    All you do is pin it
    I’ll test anything you see

    I could make a cocktail
    but I drank all the vodka yesterday
    I could do a manicure, sort of
    Which friend should I film today?

    I want to be… your Pintester
    Why don’t you read my blog
    Oh, let me be… your Pintester
    This will be my testimony (heh, teste)

    I will make your fruitcake
    And smear honey on my face
    Oops, I killed the fruitcake
    But the honey mask sure tastes great

    I want to be… your Pintester
    Why not subscribe below
    You’d better call… the Pintester
    To put that to the test
    I’m gonna be… the Pintester
    And you can be Pintestees
    I’m your… Pintester
    Just throw more booze into it

    Pin… Pin… Pintester

    I tried to make it (I tried to make it)
    Failed that pin (Failed that pin)
    I fucked it up (Fucked it up)
    Won’t make that again (Won’t make that again)

    Oh won’t you pin for me (Pin for me)
    and I will test for you (Test for you)
    pin for me (pin for me), I will test for you

    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Test for you
    all of you
    There’s a newsletter, too
    Gonna do a roundup
    Pintestee roundup, hey

    Come on, come on, see what works
    Come on, come on, buy my shirts

    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
    I’ve been testing some cookies
    Making penis-shaped cookies
    It’s what I’m doing, doing
    All day and night.

    • Pintester September 4, 2013 - 1:41 pm Reply

      Bravo! Amazing work! Loved every second of it.

  • Liv September 4, 2013 - 2:22 pm Reply

    Oh my fuuuuuck. If I don’t have to work on Saturday. I will be there. Don’t you fret.

  • Ryan Perkins September 5, 2013 - 12:58 am Reply

    GAH!!! NOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOoooooOOO! I SO wish I lived anywhere near you so I could meet your awesomeness and fail at whatever it is you’d be succeeding so hilariously at!

    <———- Totally jellie of anyone who gets to meet Pintester! TOTALLY!

  • Rebecca O. September 5, 2013 - 10:01 pm Reply

    I live in Durham and I like the Big Lebowski but I am out of town and I can’t come! You should do more manicure things in the future because I will definitely come!

  • MichiganKaren September 7, 2013 - 11:35 pm Reply

    Would love to do nails “live” with you but just can’t make it from Michigan. I’ve never been to North Carolina but my dog has – boarding school for training. Pretty cool, huh? She’s better traveled than I am. Such is life. Love all the pin tests and the wonderful cocktails.

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