The Christmas Pintester Movement!

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The time has come for a new Pintester Movement, and the time has also come for pine cones, peppermint, Santas, angels, snowmen, and all things Christmas! (I know it seems early, but hold down your gag reflexes and stick with me for a minute here.)


This time, we’re doing a Christmas-themed movement! We’re all making Christmas tree ornaments! I know some of you don’t celebrate Christmas, but come on– buy in, here. Also, if you don’t want to keep your ornament, I have a solution for you…

As an added bonus for this Pintester Movement (and if you don’t want to keep the beautiful piece of Christmas art you create), Jodee from the Cheeseblarg is collecting ornaments for her very first Christmas tree! She invites you to send them to her for arrival ON OR BEFORE November 21. (That means Jodee needs to have it in her mailbox by the 21st.) If you send your ornament to her with a note of your Etsy store, blog address, or whatever, she will put your ornament and a link to your site in a Cheeseblarg post to go up around Thanksgiving! Double blog links for you– boom. Incidentally, this is Jodee’s first Christmas tree because she’s Jewish, so maybe don’t send, like, Jesus in a manger or a sequinned swastika, ok?

You can mail your ornament to:

Jodee Rose
PO Box 1078
Helena, MT 59624

The Pintester Movement is open to all bloggers, no matter which platform you’re on. (GoMighty works, too, or whatever you’ve got, as long as you can get a link to your post!)

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick any ornament tutorial pin from Pinterest and try it out! (If you’re in need of ideas, Jodee has a Pinterest board dedicated to the ones she likes.)

2. Write up a blog post about the testYour blog post must include:

3. POST ON NOVEMBER 15, 2013! 

I’m trying to make it easier this time, guys– for everybody… Just go to this post (which won’t be live until 12 a.m. EST on November 15) and link to your post! Only rule? Don’t be a vagina. I’ll be checking the links to make sure you’re including the links I asked for, so just do it, dudes.

Lastly, I’ve made some graphics for you if you’d like to include them in your post or your sidebar! This is totally optional, but thought you might like them!

PLAIN 500 width

500 width

300 width

200 width

That’s it! Easy peasy. So go ahead and get started on writing up your fantastic pin test! Remember, the point of this is not to be perfect. We strive for mediocrity around here, with a dash of funny if it suits you, so don’t feel pressure to perform, ok? No anxiety. I won’t have it.

I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Also, if you want an email with all this information, and reminders when the deadline approaches, sign up for the Pintester Movement email list!

The Christmas Pintester Movement!
Article Name
The Christmas Pintester Movement!
We haven't even gotten past Halloween yet, but it's already time for the Christmas edition of the Pintester Movement! Fire up your craft skills!


  • Jennifer Bickford October 15, 2013 - 2:23 pm Reply

    Yay, yay, yay!!!! I’ve been pinning Christmas ornaments like a mad woman since your earlier hint! (can you tell I <3 Christmas? and your blog?).

  • Jennifer N. Adams October 15, 2013 - 2:27 pm Reply

    Looks like fun.

  • molly October 15, 2013 - 3:15 pm Reply

    🙁 I’ve never been sadder about not having a blog.

    • Catherine October 16, 2013 - 9:37 am Reply

      You can still do it! Do it! Come on…do it! It’ll be fun. You should do it.
      Is my peer pressure working yet? Just use the gomight stuff that Pintester lovingly created for you and DO IT!

      • Pintester October 16, 2013 - 10:04 am Reply

        Yes this! You can even use a public Facebook album or something as long as you can link to it!

      • molly October 16, 2013 - 10:14 am Reply

        Peer pressure = best thing ever, I’m pretty sure.

    • Sandi Boyd October 16, 2013 - 1:40 pm Reply

      oh, c’mon! I started my blog back up again, JUST to partake in the last Pintester movement! You KNOW you wanna do it! There are tons of free blog engines out there – I personally use WordPress. Free is always good. And then, if you’re like me and forget you HAVE A blog, you are not out any money, lol!

  • Jodee Rose October 15, 2013 - 3:50 pm Reply

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

    • Jodee Rose October 15, 2013 - 5:26 pm Reply

      That’s what she said.

  • NotJustRocks October 15, 2013 - 6:02 pm Reply

    Yay, one with a deadline I can make! And a Christmas one too! Excited!!!

  • Faith Luna Stencel October 15, 2013 - 8:27 pm Reply

    Cool! I missed the deadline for the last one. Glad to have another opportunity!

  • Trystan October 15, 2013 - 11:01 pm Reply

    i’m really sad that nobody wants my sequin swastika ornaments. :'(

  • Shauna October 16, 2013 - 12:00 am Reply

    And I was looking for an excuse to make some ornaments I’ve found on Pinterest! Our tree is already pretty full so I need someone to give new ones to.

  • kittnen October 16, 2013 - 2:42 pm Reply

    Always happy to help a fellow Montanan out! Ol’ Pinky is pretty full of ornaments already, so I’d love to spread the Xmas love.

  • Tiffany October 16, 2013 - 4:23 pm Reply

    Think I a might actually participate in this one. Although, I am not sure how well I would be able to get my frustrations out whilst ornament-making on a blog, so I may have to do a vlog instead.

  • Bernice Phillips October 17, 2013 - 1:40 am Reply

    It is so hard to find tutorials for Gothic Christmas ornaments (and yes the must be gothic) – everything on Pinterest seems to be links to Etsy shops.

    • Jodee Rose October 17, 2013 - 1:19 pm Reply

      There are some on my board that could be modified as gothic Christmas ornaments, with instructions even. =D
      See: Halloween Crystal Balls.

  • Chris October 17, 2013 - 2:58 pm Reply

    I just found a knitting pattern for a singing cat head ornament. I typically don’t knit ornaments, mainly because my family already makes fun of me for the yarn hoard in the closet and I don’t want/need to give them more ammunition against me, but for Pintester, I’m TOTALLY willing!!

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  • Lynds October 24, 2013 - 6:04 pm Reply

    Oh, this is perfect! I was looking for an excuse to do crafts, and I’ve just started blogging, so I’m definitely in!

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