Pinteste Round-up: Sort of Tweeted by The Bloggess

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If you guys haven’t seen it yet, those of you who participated in the Pintester Movement and sent your ornaments to Jodee are now featured on the Cheeseblarg! Jodee even got my blogging idol, The Bloggess, to tweet her (and thus me) back. It kind of made my day:

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.16.57 PM


So, on to your comments from the week.

I’m glad to know that some of you can still come up with ways my stuff fails, even if it tastes good, as did the pumpkin spice mug cake

greentrams • Is it just me or does it look like results appear like someone took a dump in your cup? A pumpkin colored dump? Not appealing. It looks like a stool sample for a patient trying to beef up the old vitamin c.

Guess I’ve never taken that much vitamin C…

Daniela Rossi • Is the exact orangey color the poop gets when you have to take vaseline to empty your guts for a test. A medical test, not a school one. That would be weird.

I feel sorry for you guys, having to take vitamin C and Vaseline and stuff. That ain’t right.

Alie • Hmm, don’t know about the vaseline thing, but it reminded me of baby poop. That’s exactly what my son’s poop looked like after he had sweet potatoes for the 1st time.

Ok, so the consensus is poop. Noted.

My bonbon cocktail post thingie just went up last night, so if you missed that, go check it out. The quick commenters have already had things to say about it:

Trystan Terrell • I’m trying to imagine what tequila and chocolate would taste like mixed together. The closest I can come up with is vomiting after a night of margaritas and leftover halloween candy. Blech!

Yep, poop and vomit. We keep it classy up in here.

Christine • I am hopeful that Aunt Bippy becomes a regular at cocknails. Where you been hiding this awesome lady? We should all be so lucky to sit at her feet (but at a safe distance) and learn…

Uhoh. I may have to start doing costumed guest appearances– which would mean beefing up my acting, costuming, make-up, and video editing skills quite dramatically.

Thanks for the comments this week, guys! Muchly muchly appreciated, as always!

Pinteste Round-up: Sort of Tweeted by The Bloggess
Article Name
Pinteste Round-up: Sort of Tweeted by The Bloggess
Here's this week's round-up of awesomeness from the blog comments this week, plus a link to the Cheeseblarg's round-up of Christmas ornaments.


  • Jodee Rose December 3, 2013 - 1:54 pm Reply

    Jenny is awesome. We’ve worked together in the past and she even follows me on Pinterest. The secret is… annoying her constantly (not really but I tweet her often). Perhaps ask her to hold some twine for you. =P

    • Alie December 5, 2013 - 6:06 pm Reply

      OMG! Asking the Bloggess hold twine for the Pintester would be so awesome! I really, really hope you do this.

  • Daniela Rossi December 3, 2013 - 10:00 pm Reply

    My first time in the round up was for a dismembered body, now is for a turd. Lovely, my mom should be so proud XD

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