Homemade ModPodge

0 Posted by - January 24, 2012 - DIY & Crafts

The Pinterest is a mysterious thing, and one of those mysteries for me has always been what in the hell ModPodge is. Apparently, it is a substance which you buy from the craft store which you can then use to stick stuff on other stuff. If it sounds like glue… that’s because it is.

And, surprisingly (/sarcasm), it’s not hard to make yourself.

So, tutorial in hand, I embarked on my mission to make my own ModPodge.

First, I sucked down a Diet Pepsi.

Next, I squeezed some glue into the empty bottle.

I put an equal part of water in it. (I don’t know how much. I didn’t measure. But use equal parts glue and water.)

Shake that thing, Miss Kana Kana.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Slap a pretty label on that shit. (Or, if you’re me, write on it with a sharpie so you won’t accidentally drink it thinking it’s a weird new kind of Diet Pepsi.)

Now what shall I do with my homemade ModPodge? Stay tuned to find out. I’m sure it will be epic.


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  • http://www.wtfpinterest.com WTFPinterest

    I absolutely cannot wait to see what you do with this! P.S. If you add some Borax to that, it will turn into home-made Silly Putty!

    • Pintester

      Borax? How the hell do people figure this stuff out?

      • ohhoe


  • Joy B

    Oh, there are TONS of ModPodge craft ideas on Pinterest that you could try out. I actually have one pinned that I plan to do (but with the photo modpodge).

    • Pintester

      I have one involving a balloon. It promises to be a gigantic fail. I can tell already.

      • http://ladyozma.info/ Lady Ozma

        oooh i’ve some balloon ideas that are destined for epic fail if i tried them. Good job on the mod podge. I look forward to seeing if this stuff actually works.

  • Abby

    Mod podge is much more than just glue, it has other chemicals and crap in it that make it have super human (or glue?) strength. This stuff they call “DIY mod podge” won’t work, think about it watered down glue?! It doesn’t even work out in my brain. The folks at pintrosity tries this and the recipe failed. You should try for yourself, good entertainment I suppose.

  • Mischief

    Mod Podge, when dry, is a waterproof sealant. Elmers glue is not, haha.

  • http://gravatar.com/toogirls Jodi

    It is not waterproof. We used it last year at camp where it commenced in a biblical flood. The modpodge washed off by day 3 and the signs were ruined.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kala.cudjoe Kala Cudjoe

    Your’s looks far too thin. Real Modpodge coats the container in white opaqueness. As a first grade teacher, I use this stuff for tons of things! One of the kid’s favorite activities is making glow in the dark Halloween Ghost necklaces for safe trick or treating. I will save you the tutorial, but it involves mixing glow in the dark paint and Modpodge in a squeeze bottle, squeezing it in the shape of a ghost on wax paper, adding googly eyes and a string…PRESTO.

  • thriftedlife

    I thought I would say that I tried making a mouse pad using a Pinterest post.  It involved both modge podge and sewing.  Let’s just say it was a big-time Pinterest fail.  

  • Michel

    I made this as well… it sucked!  It was super thin and didn’t work at all like Mod Podge should work.
    Are you a Tar Heel??  I graduate in ’98 with a BA in History and English.  Go Heels!

    • Michel

      graduated… the “d” key is stuck on my keyboard!

  • sydneychopper

    youre really suppoesed to take three parts water. but in the end it still isnt as good as mod podge, which is extremely expensive.

  • AleishaWoodReynolds

    I use Mod Podge for collages, since it dries clear, I paint it over the entire thing (as well as the obvious of making pictures and such stick where you want them on the paper) and it protects the collage as well as prevents things like peeling corners, and makes it shiny.  :)

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  • ixnayonthelindsay

    hahaha! love your posts!

  • katy326

    Because somebody has to throw random shit together and give it a name! lol

  • MissAnthropy

    Oh you’ll love this one: http://virginiaandcharlie.blogspot.com/2011/07/canvas-project.html

  • katy326

     @sydneychopper Actually the multiple recipes I found for this said that you’re supposed to use equal parts. But you’re correct, it’s not even close to it’s expensive counterpart. It’s just watered down, water-soluble glue, whereas Modpodge is thicker than elmer’s to begin with.

  • ah na

    my favorite is kinda (not really) similar to this… MAKE YOUR OWN GLUE…. basically flour and water. OMG i have flour and water! no $ what-so-ever… made it let it “set up” if you will.. at 2 in the morning discovered a bubbling oozing mess and would have possibly blown-up (in a jar) and also smelled like BAD milk … i was tired and put it outside…toomorrrow… i thought. during the night some animal make off with it….. what a simple glue recipe..ha! also great for kindergarden crafts….hmmm

  • KristiTownsend

    I wonder if having equal parts of water, glue and cornstartch would make it thicker more like mod podge?

  • Sheila

     @AleishaWoodReynolds I like shiny things.

  • rolltide220

    Mod podge is not waterproof either

  • http://www.roadyjane.blogspot.com/ Robyn

    Hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh. Five times.

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  • Jamie

    always ask yourself “is this acid free?” I know that Elmer’s glue is NOT. There for placing it on any art piece, will be a waste. Take it from me, when I first started crafting I never used acid free glue, or acid free items, I just thought it was a hoax to get us to buy more expensive items. 10 years down the road, I have bleached out papers, ruined pictures, and lots of money wasted. Make Sure it is ACID FREE!

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  • Erkan Yesilkan

    while drinking pepsi photo is very silly and funny