Drunk House Tour

0 Posted by - April 17, 2013 - Videos

No one really cares what I do in these videos as long as I get drunk. I think that’s the consensus anyway. So here you go: It’s a drunk tour of my house! (If you can’t see the video, click here.)

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  • CincyMary

    Did you puke? Mixed a lot of different kinds of booze….. blech.

    • http://pintester.com/ Pintester

      I did not puke. I am the champion. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/kward3 Katie!

    Holy shit, you are dedicated! Thank you for taking on that task! I like your house, but I like you more. Hilarious. I do hope that you didn’t suffer for it later…

  • Kaylah Mitchell

    Lol, you rock! :)

  • Avie Lane

    I so want a “I Hate Gitter” 5-shirt. Where can I obtain one?

    • http://pintester.com/ Pintester
      • http://www.facebook.com/janet.islucky Janet Sle

        I love you so much girl but you BROKE my heart when I read your shirt!!! :-( lol

  • Piggie4

    I was laughing at the end there so I scrolled down to read the comments and your Miracle Mask photo scared the shizzzzz out of me!

  • http://twitter.com/kvanauken Kathryn Van Auken

    I love your stuff! I hope you were not too sick later. I think I would have had to throw up half way in.

  • Letitia

    I SO love you, drunk or not. Thanks for all the great reads/videos!

  • Kirsten ‘Bunny’ Graves

    LOL That was awesome! My cubemates are now looking at me funny for giggling so hard but man, worth it.

  • Nadine

    Oh man, props to you for staying alive after that mix of alcohol. I made the mistake of drinking wine, champagne and then vodka on Christmas Eve….and it was awful. Still get the shakes when I hear Christmas music. Lovely home and funny video!

  • Breenah

    I never thought you’d be so adorable, but you are.

  • Chelle Crew

    The last time I mixed different drinks, I ended up sick for 24 hours after. It was terrible and I can’t even look at alcohol without getting the urge to puke. You are a champ!!

  • golfyp

    The tequila part was very artsy…….. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/katherine.horejsi.1 Katherine Horejsi

    Sorry….did I really hear you say “I don’t wanna drink any more”? that can’t be right!

  • Julie

    This is even more hilarious if you watch it with auto-caption on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/theshortcake Mary Elizabeth Hardin

      I was JUST going to say this! “T-rex, T-rex” or “Nice theatre greenhouse set up”

  • Jennmarie68

    I’m surprised you don’t have all your wonderful craft “fails” on display somewhere – you showed off your recent “win”. You know for the sake of posterity :-)

    Yes I did have to use the thesaurus for that, but only because I had a brain fart and the only word that would come to my head was posterior. And since I don’t know why showing off your crafts would have anything to do with your ass I had to figure out what the right word was. And I’m not even drinking – I can’t hold conversations while drinking, I can barley speak coherently while drinking. So kudos for making a whole video I applaud you.

  • liz

    You sound girlier than I expected. Regardless, your are one funny chick and keep up the good work!

    • liz


  • Sandi Boyd

    Funniest thing to me? The ad for Poise products next to the video! All I can think is, if you’re so drunk you need poise pads? You’re doing it RIGHT!

  • Jess

    Is that the window where the bird pissed off your husband? =P

  • farthestwest

    Truly a bottoms up in the bedroom! Thanks for that thought and sorry, ewwww image. Patty/BC

  • Kimberliah Warren

    My liver is crying for you… all those different liquors! Oh my!!!

  • ChickieD

    Now attempting to think of appropriate liquors for the bathroom, laundry room, and garage. Bathtub gin? But you already did a gin and tonic. Dern it, need more alcohol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eileen.m.mitsu Eileen M Coesens Mitsui

    MIDORI…Blech. Think 22, novice drinker, sweet liquor, empty bottle, floor of bathroom. My only drunk Exorcist moment EVER. Just looking at the green bottle… *urp*. I love your house BTW! And it comes with a fully stocked bar!

  • http://www.facebook.com/theshortcake Mary Elizabeth Hardin

    Auto Caption is Amazing, unless you really were saying T-Rex

  • Rollinjc

    I just love you. That is all.

  • fart

    Oh, the fart sound at the end of your videos brings me great joy, lol!

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