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3 Posted by - July 28, 2013 - Quotes & Memes

You all know I’m a fan of snarky shirts. I even have some of my own design available in my shop. So I’m not immediately turned off by the idea of this shirt…

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But, but, come on! If you’re going to base your entire platform on the proper use of you’re, then maybe you should also be a little bit concerned about capitalization and punctuation. If I met someone on the street wearing this, I’d be tempted to fix it…


Be watching for me and my big red Sharpie, wearers of this shirt…

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  • Rebecca M

    My big grammer pet-peeve is using “good” instead if “well”. “I’m doog good.” “I’m doing well.” Grrr….

    • Becky
    • Tabby_abby

      I worked as a cashier at the grocery in college and always said that I was doing well when asked. One customer was amazed that I used the correct grammar. Now that I no longer work with people, I sometimes revert to saying good. But try not to. (sorry for ending in a preposition.)

    • Potatoes

      It’s actually more appropriate to say you’re good in that situation.

      (Considering that forms of “to be” are acting as “linking verbs” in this case, one would usually use an adjective after them instead of an adverb such as well.)

  • Danielle B.

    Something that always confuses me is where to put the punctuation when you’re using quotes while talking about a word, such as “you’re”. Like that right there. It doesn’t make sense to me to write “you’re.” However, it makes perfect sense to me to use punctuation inside the quotes when quoting a person, like when quoting someone who said “I farted.” I guess it feels like it the punctuation is separate from the word/quote in the former scenario, but part of the quote in the latter scenario. If someone can explain this to me I’d greatly appreciate it!

    • Pintester

      I looked this up so I could explain it better than me going, “Well, just because.” So the grammar rules say, “Universal American usage places commas and periods inside the quotation marks, regardless of logic.”

    • Isobel_A

      British English usage follows exactly as you described:

      There was a low, flubbering sound, followed by an extremely evil smell. Everyone turned accusingly to Danielle. Flustered, she exclaimed “it wasn’t me!”.

      Quote punctuation goes within the quotes, sentence punctuation goes outside the quotes.

  • ChickieD

    Thank you.

  • Julia Sanders

    Well technically the period should be after the quotation marks as you’re completing your sentence not the word’s sentence. That being said I support the idea of the shirt WITH the red marks.

    • Pintester

      NOPE! Universal American usage places commas and periods inside the quotation marks, regardless of logic. #grammarWonk

      • Julia Sanders

        Gasp! My whole belief system is thwarted!

        • Girl Who Cried Skinny

          Trust me, Julia — I think the Euro rules make SO much more sense on this, but our beloved Pintester is right. Sad, no?

          • Julia Sanders

            I can’t say I approve, but the law is the law.

      • Isobel_A

        Eh? Really? I’m sticking to my British English on that one, then, thanks!

  • Chelsea

    I have a snarky T-shirt with the phrase “I’m silently correcting your grammar” that I got for my birthday last year. My literature professor said it was “the best shirt in the history of ever.”

  • Christina

    As a 10th grade English teacher, I love this.

  • Chris

    I always find that when I correct someone’s grammar and/or punctuation, I’m the douche that ends up using an extra apostrophe, or the one that decided not to proof read… It seems to be God’s way of laughing at/punishing me for being a grammar nazi…

  • Girl Who Cried Skinny

    Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

  • Chris HyeThymeCafe

    Funny timing. I got behind on my reading, so I’m just seeing this now. About 5 minutes ago, I responded to a comment on my blog and noticed that I had typed “your” inadvertently in place of “you’re.” I had to correct myself – noting my cringe when I saw that. And an extra THANK YOU to you for putting the period in the correct spot. ;)