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First, let me get some announcements out of the way…

1. If you haven’t heard, Google Reader is going away this summer. If you’re subscribed to Pinterest via RSS feed on Google Reader, that means you can do one or all of these things so you don’t miss anything from this blog:

a) Move the feed to a different feed reader.

b) Subscribe to the weekly newsletter so you never miss a thing! The weekly newsletter contains all the posts you might have missed from the week, plus some extra goodies.

c) Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, or Tumblr (or all of them) and never miss my news.

d) If you must have posts daily to your inbox, you can subscribe by email via Feedburner… but I’d love if you would still subscribe to the weekly newsletter, too. Since Feedburner is run by Google, and Google just killed Google Reader… Well, one never knows, does one?

2. Huge thank-you’s for MAIL!

I went to go check my P.O. box today and it had stuff in it!

First, I got this sweet card from Reona in the mail.


She sent it to me on her 34th birthday (Happy late birthday, Reona!) just to tell me that I made her smile. How cool is that? Thank you Ree! You made my day!

I also got a present!

IMG_0562It’s gel food dye! From Ann Marie:

These gels will help you achieve the super-vibrant color you were looking for recently with your cupcakes. Plus, dying regular chocolate chip cookies bright blue is fun any day of the year. P.S. Don’t get this shit on your countertop!

Thank you so much, Ann Marie! And be looking for a test using these in the near future!

If you guys want to send mail, do eet:

Sonja Foust
PMB 221
4711 Hope Valley Rd Ste 4F
Durham, NC 27707

Ok, that’s it for the announcements. Let’s hear from you! Here are the comments from this week that made me shoot wine out my nose:

Katherine Horejsi • If you’d provided the faucet with a little inspirational reading material, you’d have been finished much sooner…leaving you to nurse your cramps while it rolled over and snored.

Next time I’ll know.

Franziska Külbel • You should work in a coffee shop – everytime you foam up the warm milk you have to wipe the tiny ‘foamer’ you perform THAT kind of action and on a really busy day, you pleasure it more than any hard-working prostitute would.

Apparently many of you have to jerk off inanimate objects for your job… Exhibit B:

Kendra • when I worked retail we lubed the racks with wax paper so they wouldn’t squeak when people moved the hangers…. we never left our racks disappointed, so I’m sorry that your faucet was. Next time rub harder.

And et cetera:

ChickieD • I work with computer systems. My company explored a program that works similar to Kinect or Wii – you use your hands in the air instead of on a mouse or keyboard. For some brilliant reason the programmers decided that you would indicate to the system that you are using it placing your thumb and forefinger together in a circle shape. Move up to go up the menu. Move down to go down the menu. Up. Down. Hands in that circle shape. Yeah, I love to control my computer at work by making that jerk off motion.

Something I have never been accused of before:

Clark McGee • Ummm, why are you being bougie? Get some Andre, use a beer stein, and show everyone how it’s REALLY done. You make my day, post by post.

Bougie is such a great word. I’m going to start using that instead of froo.

When I write an inspired post with a layered double-meaning (where one meaning is “penis”), it’s nice to know that you guys will rise (heh) to the occasion…

Kim • If I could replace every instance of a cinnamon roll with a penis, I’d be a lot thinner (and a lot better at bj’s, too, I bet).

Me too, girl. Me too.

pins&needles • Always use non-stick spray because although size may or may not matter, lubrication is always very important.

You ain’t lyin’.

And then Breenah made this…


Holy shit, guys. Holy shit. That’s it. You’ve reached the end of the internet. Quit now, while we’re all ahead. (Heh, head.)


  • Breenah March 28, 2013 - 6:00 pm Reply


  • Katherine Horejsi March 28, 2013 - 10:50 pm Reply

    I got a name check. My life is complete! 😀

    • Clark McGee March 29, 2013 - 10:36 am Reply

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Melmo March 31, 2013 - 7:02 am Reply

    sooo funny thanks for the laughs internets

  • ChickieD April 1, 2013 - 11:40 am Reply

    I made the roundup!!! Whoo hooo!!!

  • Ann Avants April 1, 2013 - 9:28 pm Reply

    Yay! You got my present!! Have fun with them. :o)

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